Am I homeless?

Generally, homeless people are those who have nowhere to stay or will have nowhere to stay within the next 28 days. People also considered homeless might:

  • Have no accommodation in this country or anywhere in the world to occupy
  • Have the right to live in a property but cannot gain access
  • Live in movable accommodation, like a boat or a caravan, but with nowhere permanent to moor or park
  • Have accommodation but due to some exceptional circumstances it would unreasonable to continue to occupy this
  • Live separately from someone with whom they would normally reside, because there is nowhere they can live together
  • Have a home, but fear violence from someone.

Further evidence of applicant’s specific circumstances or a visit to current accommodation may be required.

There is legislation in place which directs who the Local Authority provides accommodation to and anyone who thinks they are homeless should contact the Housing Options Team for advice and assistance.

Rough sleeping

Cheshire East acknowledges that some people may not have a settled home of their own and are able to stay with friends or relatives for a short time. This is known as sofa surfing or hidden homelessness and people who find themselves in this situation should contact the Housing Options Team to see what support can be offered.

There are other households who find themselves with no friends or family able to offer short term accommodation and will end up street homeless (rough sleeping). Anyone who is sleeping rough or any member of the public who sees someone sleeping rough can contact the housing options team for further advice. During office hours (9am - 5pm Monday to Friday) the team can be contacted on 0300 123 5017 or outside of these hours can call 0300 123 5025. Email:

Information about rough sleepers can also be reported to Streetlink on:

0300 500 0914 or via

Streetlink is a national contact centre for anyone concerned about a rough sleeper. Streetlink will take some information about the rough sleeper and then work with the Local Authority to ensure action is taken. Streetlink will follow up with the team within 10 days of the referral to see what we did to offer advice or support.

The Housing Options Team may refer people sleeping rough to our No Second Night Out project.

During cold weather the Housing Options Team provide extra support and options to anyone sleeping rough under our SWEP service (Severe Weather Emergency Procedure) with YMCA.