Housing options and social housing guide


How to make a social housing application

We do not have any council housing of our own but we are partnered with The Guinness Partnership, Plus Dane Group and Peaks and Plains Housing Trust. 

Visit the Homechoice website to apply and use the following steps. 

  1. Register - First you need to register on the Cheshire Homechoice website (if you are not confident about using the internet you can contact us on 0300 123 5017 Option 1 and we can help you).
  2. Evidence - You may be asked to supply supporting evidence before your application and access to Cheshire Homechoice is activated.
  3. Banding – Your application will receive a priority band from A to E, A being the highest.
  4. Search – Using the Cheshire Homechoice website search each week to see what properties are available.
  5. Bid - You can bid (express an interest) for up to two properties at a time. Your bid does not require money, the bids will be ordered by priority banding and waiting time.
  6. Assesment - The landlord of the property will work through the list of bids; they will make assessments on the suitability of a home to your needs and if you can afford the rent. 
  7. Offer – You will have an interview and an opportunity to view the home. 
  8. Paperwork- If you accept the offer of a home the landlord for the property will guide you through the formal and legal paperwork.

How social housing applications are assessed

Each application for social housing is assessed and awarded a priority banding between A and E, A being the highest and most urgent priority. You can view the social housing allocations policy (PDF, 384KB) to see how properties are allocated in Cheshire East.

Other social rented accommodation

Not all Housing Associations are partners with Cheshire Homechoice. You can refer to or other registered social landlords page for further information on social housing to rent in the borough. These have their own application process. 

Page last reviewed: 20 May 2024