Hobson Street, Macclesfield – sinkhole repair works

What we are doingHobson Street before repairs

We are working alongside United Utilities and Cadent Gas to continue the investigations and repair the carriageway collapse and damaged culvert on Hobson Street, Macclesfield. 

On completion of the proposed demolition works of 18 Ryle Street, we are installing a new manhole chamber on Ryle Street, where the initial carriageway collapse appeared. This will allow us to both divert/over-pump the culvert in Hobson Street and carry out further investigations into the cause of collapse on Ryle Street.

Works on Hobson Street as follows:

Phase 1

  • the works are complex and additional supports have been installed to protect the pressure gas main allow the repair to the culvert to be undertaken
  • repairs to the culvert have been undertaken and a temporary repair to the united utilities sewer has been installed
  • we are continuing to liaise with landowners to ensure that the second phase of works can proceed without risk to staff and members of the public

Phase 2

  • we will need to install a manhole in Ryle Street to allow over pumping of the water that is running through the damaged culvert from Hobson Street over and into, the new manhole on Ryle Street

Phase 3

  • when the culvert is clear, we will fill in the existing excavation, in order to safely remove the ground supports that are currently in place and then install a new manhole in Hobson Street

Phase 4

  • work will then take place to reinstate the damaged carriageway in Hobson Street and Ryle Street

Throughout the duration of the works, there will be a representative from Cadent Gas on site, who will continue to monitor the condition of the equipment. Both Cadent Gas and United Utilities are regularly attending site to monitor the ongoing works.

When it is happening

Works commenced on the 15 April 2020 on Hobson Street. This was an extremely complex piece of work which involved a great deal of coordination with National Grid Gas and United Utilities.

Third Party Works

  • Planning permission has been granted to the third party for the demolition of 18 Ryle Street
  • Neighbouring property protection works have commenced on Thursday 1 October 2020 so that the demolish works can be undertake safely
  • Demolition of 18 Ryle Street started on start Monday 5 October 2020 and has been complex with additional works required to ensure the safety of the building.
  • It is planned that the demotion works will be completed late October 2020.

Cheshire East Highways Works

  • The highway civil works are programmed to start early November 2020, following completion on the demolition works.
  • Programmed start of culvert investigations and the installation of the manhole on Ryle Street for mid October 2020
  • The Highway civil works are as follows for late October – early November commencement:
    • Installation of a new manhole in Ryle Street and culvert investigation works
    • Installation of a new manhole in Hobson Street and reinstatement of carriageway

We are continuing to liaise with landowners to ensure that the second phase of works can progress without risk to staff and members of the public.

Government guidelines regarding COVID-19

We will continue to comply with government guidance on social distancing however, as the teams will be working in pairs; we have supplied our staff with additional PPE. Due to the teams having to vacate the excavations to wash their hands regularly and adhere with guidance, the works may take longer than initially anticipated however the safety of our workforce remains our main priority. We therefore ask members of the public to be patient while these works take place and to not approach our staff on site or the work area.

We understand that there is no right time to undertake these works which have been carefully planned to try to minimise disruption to local residents, businesses and members of the travelling public. Delays are to be expected. 

All roadworks, closures and diversions associated with the project are displayed online on the One Network map.

Information for road users

  • The road and lane closures are necessary to protect the safety of both members of the public and our workforce whilst we complete the work.
  • Where road closures are in place, diversion routes will be signed to assist in the movement of traffic while works progress.
  • Delays are expected and motorists should plan essential journeys accordingly.