Sinkhole repair works - Hobson Street / Ryle Street, Macclesfield

What we are doing

We are working alongside multi agencies to continue the investigations surrounding the carriageway collapse and damaged culvert on Hobson Street, Macclesfield. We have completed a temporary repair to a section of the culvert which has enabled us to resurface and reopen Ryle Street.

Councillor Laura Crane, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for highways and waste said: “We fully understand the frustration felt by the residents of Hobson Street and we are grateful to them for their understanding and forbearance. We have completed the work required in neighbouring Ryle Street but the situation in Hobson Street continues to present challenges which require wider investigation work than first anticipated. We intend to keep residents informed and we will update the council’s dedicated web page for this particular project. We hope to be able to give residents a fuller picture of the situation in the very near future.”

Hobson Street update:

  • the works have been and are continuing to be complex which is involving a great deal of coordination with multi agencies
  • additional supports have been installed to protect the pressure gas main allow the repair to the culvert to be undertaken
  • temporary repair to the united utilities sewer has been completed
  • we are continuing to liaise with  residents and local elected Members
  • A survey of the wider culvert system took place on 14 April 2021, however the results were not as detailed as expected due to unforeseen issues. A more detailed survey is currently being planned, once this has been undertaken, the full extent of the works will be analysed, understood and programmed accordingly
  • Hobson Street will remain closed whilst the investigation continues. The area around the sinkhole will continue to be cordoned off until further works can be undertaken

Ryle Street update

  • Temporary repairs to the culvert across Ryle Street has now been completed. The road has been resurfaced and is now open

What you should know

How long will the work take?

Information about the work will be published on this webpage as the investigations and the work progresses. We are working hard alongside multi agencies and aim to provide dates as soon as we can.

I am having issues accessing my property

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this closure is causing or has caused to you. Please speak to our onsite supervisor directly at the site to resolve the issue.

Why is it taking so long?

Investigation work continued following a sinkhole which appeared in February 2020. Work commenced on the 15 April 2020 and is continuing to be an extremely complex piece of work involving a great deal of coordination with multi agencies and landowners. It is a significant issue with a Victorian Culvert further investigation work alongside third parties.

Why does the road need to stay closed when I can’t see much work taking place?

The road remains closed for safety reasons. The works are extremely complex and require vast investigation work before the repairs can be programmed. Leaving a collapsed culvert exposed would be extremely dangerous.

What is a culvert and why is this one damaged?

Culverts are enclosed watercourses located underground that are used to divert or drain water from land above it – they are sometimes very large. Investigations are ongoing into the cause of the collapse.

Will my property be at risk of flooding?

To find out about the risk of flooding, please visit the flood-warning-information.service.

Where can I find out more about responsibilities for managing culverts and watercourses?

For more details please visit

Further advice on Councils approach to managing these watercourses can also be found on the Flood risk management page.