Conservation areas - guidance notes

These Guidance notes are intended to help householders identify characteristics of their property which will assist in the restoration of historic details.

Brick walls

The characteristic of the brick and of walls have altered considerably over the centuries. When considering maintenance, repairs, alterations and extensions to brick buildings and garden walls it is essential to identify existing characteristics and carefully maintain or relate to them.

  • Brick walls and their characteristics (PDF, 170KB)

Chimney pots and stacks

Wherever possible, consideration should be given to repairing or rebuilding existing stacks and to restoring those which are missing to the original design, this guidance notes help in the identification of chimney stacks.

  • Chimney pots (PDF, 90KB)


If pointing problems are neglected then a wall can become unstable. This guidance note provides useful information on the rights and wrongs of repointing.

  • Repointing (PDF, 370KB)


This leaflet aims to draw attention to traditional roof materials, forms and details so that those involved in the care of traditional buildings can recognise their value and ensure they are conserved.

  • Roofs (PDF, 116KB)


Doors play an important part in defining the age and character of a building and should be chosen with care, this leaflet is intended to help you to identify the style of door which compliments your house.

  • Doors (PDF, 123KB)

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