Carbon Neutral Council

We believe in taking action against climate change

In May 2019, we committed to becoming carbon neutral in our own operations by 2025, and to assist with reducing the borough’s carbon footprint.

To protect and enhance the natural environment of Cheshire East, we must think differently about how we do things to reduce the extent of climate change in the long term.

Tackling climate change in Cheshire East

To understand more about climate change, what we are doing to become carbon neutral by 2025 and how we are working together to combat climate change across the borough, watch our animated video.

We will work together to reduce carbon emissions

Our Carbon Neutral Action Plan focuses on actions we should consider taking in support of our carbon neutral by 2025 target.

Reducing our own emissions

We are reviewing and reducing our own carbon emissions across our operations.

Carbon emissions chart

Our Carbon Action Plan sets out how we aim to halve our carbon across the following areas:

Our street lighting teams are working to reduce the carbon emissions of streetlights through measures such as installing LED bulbs. 

To reduce carbon emissions from electricity and gas in our buildings, we are taking steps such as installing:

  • Solar panels on buildings
  • Improved energy controls
  • New technologies such as air source heat pumps LED lighting

We are gradually replacing existing pool cars with electric models, supporting those who drive council vehicles to plan journeys to minimise disruption and maximise carbon reduction. The continued use of new technology will support online meetings where appropriate, reducing carbon through staff travel.

We will continue to promote active and sustainable travel, such as walking and cycling. 

Fleet encompasses our community wardens, highways team and Ansa vehicles. Part of this reduction is being achieved by a pilot which will see two of our refuse vehicles converted to run on hydrogen fuel rather than diesel. Work is also underway to replace fleet vehicles with electric models. 

We have already replaced toilets across the estate with greener models which use less water and energy per flush. We have also added recycling bins in all corporate buildings. 

As part of our work to generate green energy we are working on a large-scale solar farm in the borough. We are also investigating the potential for district heat networks which will provide a more efficient and reduced carbon solution for heating public buildings. 

We are purchasing green electricity – which is produced from renewable source such as wind, solar and hydro. These sources have a much lower environmental impact from fossil fuels like coal and gas. 

Working with Cheshire Wildlife Trust and The Mersey Forest, we have ambitious plans to plant trees around the borough, which will help to offset some of the local emissions we are not able to reduce. We will also be restoring peatlands. Peat is hugely important to our planet as it absorbs and stores huge amounts of carbon. Peatlands are also great wildlife habitats and have a role in water management.

Our Carbon Neutrality Support Technical Annex (PDF, 3MB) explains the evidence base used to inform and support our Carbon Neutral Action Plan. It details our emissions profiles and provides further information on borough-wide energy system pathways and measures. You can also read more about agriculture land use profiles and scenarios and approaches to carbon neutrality and offsetting.

Influencing behaviour change

We are focusing on internal policies, culture and behaviour to ensure that carbon emissions are understood by all. This includes empowering our staff, through training and other engagement activities, to think about and reduce their emissions, and ensuring that carbon considerations are included as part of the business planning and procurement process. 

How you can help

We can all act now and take steps for positive environmental action – and some of them are easier than you might think.

The WWF My Footprint calculator is a quick and easy way to understand your own carbon footprint – and suggests ways you can live life with the planet in mind.

My footprint app

Download the My Footprint app and track your progress

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Support for town and parish councils

We know that our actions alone won’t make Cheshire East a carbon neutral borough. We must work collectively to take positive steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have developed a Climate emergency toolkit (PDF, 2MB) to support Town and Parish Councils across Cheshire East to consider their role in achieving targets, delivering change and accelerating their own carbon neutral transition.

It can be difficult to know where to start with the scale of change that is required to have a real impact on the climate emergency. We have created an online Activator Hub, to support and promote collaboration and knowledge sharing between Town and Parish Councils, where members can share resources and ask questions.

Complete our form to request access to our sustainability hub, and we will be in touch with you to confirm access details.

Page last reviewed: 15 September 2021