Carbon Neutral Council

Carbon Neutral by 2025

In our Carbon Neutral Action Plan we focus on actions that we should consider taking in support of the carbon neutral 2025 target. This includes information on how we could encourage all businesses, residents and organisations to reduce their own emissions.

Our Cabinet approved the Carbon Neutral Action Plan on the 5th May 2020.

The action plan details how we aim to:

  • Influence behaviour change - by focussing on internal policies, culture and the behaviour of the council
  • Reduce energy demand – by reviewing council operations and our assets, taking actions to use less energy and fuel and improve efficiency
  • Increase low carbon energy supply – by making use of renewable energy sources, such as increasing supply from district heating and green energy and making more use of solar panels on buildings
  • Protect and enhance our natural capital – including initiatives such as tree planting

To understand more about the evidence base used to inform and support our Carbon Neutral Action Plan, you can read the Carbon Neutrality Support – Technical Annex (PDF, 3.3MB). This document details our emissions profiles and provides further information on borough-wide energy system pathways and measures. You can also read more about agriculture land use profiles and scenarios and approaches to carbon neutrality and offsetting.

We understand that we must work collectively to take positive steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We are developing toolkits and resources to support local schools, businesses, residents and town and parish councils to understand what it means to be carbon neutral, both on a global and local level.

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