Becoming a carbon neutral borough by 2045

While we have one ambitious target to be a carbon neutral council by 2027, we also have another one, which we are firmly committed to. We will do everything we can as an authority to help the borough of Cheshire East be carbon neutral by 2045.

We set that target in January 2022 in the realisation that it is not something that we can achieve on our own as a local authority. But neither is this a ‘hope’ project. 

We rightly have tremendous faith in our residents, as so many of you have shown great interest in our environmental ambitions for the borough. You have shown this through your actions in protecting Cheshire East as a great place to live. 

We have asked Anthesis Group to provide us with an initial baseline of the carbon emitted across the borough.  As you can see, it’s going to be a challenge to reduce it to zero, our Borough-wide Baseline and Carbon Reduction Options report sets out how we plan to achieve this. We are now in the process of creating an action plan for the first five years and we expect to make this available to everyone to view early 2024. 

How you can help

We have launched a consultation which asks for your views on the priorities and actions we have identified. We know that everyone has a part to play in the important work of mitigating the worst effects of climate change and so it is important that everyone has a voice in the council’s plans.

As well as engaging with our consultation, there are other things that you can start doing already though to help the borough in its target. 

We can all act now and take steps for positive environmental action – and some of them are easier than you might think.

The WWF My Footprint calculator is a quick and easy way to understand your own carbon footprint – and suggests ways you can live life with the planet in mind.

My footprint app

Download the My Footprint app and track your progress

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Page last reviewed: 05 March 2024