Correct an error in the common land and village green registers

On 15 December 2014 regulations came into effect to enable applications to be made to correct mistakes and to remove buildings / land that were wrongly registered from the registers of Common Land and Town / Village Greens.

You can apply to:

  • Correct a mistake made by the CRA in making or amending entries on the register of Common Land or Town / Village Greens (under Section 19(2)(a))
  • Remove land/buildings that were wrongly registered either as Common Land or Town / Village Greens (under Schedule 2 paragraph six to nine)

Additional fees may be payable if the authority needs to seek external legal advice or if the decision needs to be made by the Planning Inspectorate. 

Applicants are advised to seek their own legal advice before applying as the application must be accompanied with evidence which shows that the property was wrongly registered.

Applications must be submitted using Form CA10 (Common land and greens: correcting a mistake in the register) which is available on the GOV.UK website.

Information about the regulations can be found here: The Commons Registration (England) Regulations 2014

This is not a quick process and has no specific target period for determination.

Page last reviewed: 30 October 2023