Ansa delivers waste and recycling services for Cheshire East Council, along with grounds maintenance, fleet services and street cleansing functions. Ansa collects your bins, manages your household recycling centres, cleans the streets, cuts verges and much more.

Ansa Environmental Services Ltd is a company wholly owned and controlled by Cheshire East Council. For more information or to contact Ansa, visit the website at

Step inside Cheshire East's waste and recycling at ANSA transcript (PDF, 123KB)


Waste and recycling collection information

  • Put your bin at the edge of your property, adjacent to the public highway, for collection
  • Ensure the lid is closed and your bin is out for 6.30am on your collection day
  • Return your bin to your property as soon as reasonably possible after collections have been made
  • Additional household waste, garden waste or recycling, left next to the bin, will not be collected
  • If you are elderly or disabled and will have difficulty moving the bins, please contact us on 0300 123 5011 to be considered for an assisted collection service.

If you are experiencing problems with your waste collection please go to our problems with collection page.

  • Check your collection day online

Street cleansing

Report it

Report a street cleansing issue

  • Dead Animal
  • Dog Fouling
  • Fly Posting
  • Fly Tipping
  • Graffiti
  • Littering
  • Street Sweeping

A company owned by Cheshire East Council

Ansa is a council-owned and controlled company. The Council have set up a number of companies to deliver services on its behalf. The Council is taking this innovative approach to ensure that levels of service can be maintained or improved upon, at no extra cost to the tax payer.

To find out more about the Council’s businesses read the Cabinet Report of 4 February 2014.

Page last reviewed: 05 August 2021