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Stay well this winter

Winter weather can be fun for some, but sadly more people are at risk of illness and death during winter than at any other time of the year and may need extra help from us all. As the weather turns colder spare a thought and a little time for your Neighbours. Neighbours may need your help, especially if they are elderly, disabled or have a chronic illness. Cold weather is especially dangerous for these groups - and symptoms don't just get worse during a cold spell, it can last for a few days afterwards.

Read our 'Stay Warm', 'Stay Well' and 'Stay Safe' pages for helpful information and advice this winter. Here are a few tips to being a good Winter Neighbour:

  • check on elderly neighbours or relatives to make sure they are safe and well. A phone call or a knock at the door can make all the difference and can brighten their day - some people find being housebound very lonely
  • make sure they have enough food and medicines to prevent them having to go out in very cold or icy weather.
  • give your telephone number to elderly neighbours so they can contact you for help if they are unwell or had a fall.
  • is their house warm enough? Living rooms should be heated to 21°C and bedrooms to 18°C. Contact the Care and Repair team for information about emergency heating and repairs
  • keep drives and footpaths clear of snow and ice for your neighbours. Advice is available from Cheshire East Highways about clearing snow and ice
  • concerned about someone you think is sleeping rough in your community? Let the Housing Options team know on 0300 123 5017 or find out more support for rough sleepers
  • Advice on clearing snow and ice from pavements and driveways

Winter warning signs

Always be on the lookout for signs that something might be wrong:

  • milk still out on the doorstep late in the day
  • newspapers and post stuck in the letterbox
  • curtains drawn during the day
  • lights on during the day
  • a home in darkness when there should be someone at home
  • a dog barking all day or the cat scratching to be let in
  • bins not put out on collection days

Power loss emergencies

Whilst loss of power is thankfully a rare occurrence, being ready for such an event is something we all need to do. SP Energy Networks have outlined steps you can take to ensure you are prepared should there be an unexpected interruption to your electricity supply.

Vulnerable customers

SP Energy Networks keep a Priority Services Register so that they can contact their most vulnerable customers if they experience a power interruption. People can be included on the register if they are dependent on medical equipment, chronically sick, disabled, or have some other special need that may require a special level of assistance.

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