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Cheshire East launches new plans to empower people with mental health and learning disabilities

5 April 2024

Cheshire East Place has announced the launch of its new mental health and learning disability plans, designed to empower individuals and their families living with these conditions across the borough.

The plans have been developed and co-produced by the Cheshire East Mental Health Partnership Board and Cheshire East Learning Disability Partnership Board, whose members represent Cheshire East Council, Cheshire and Merseyside NHS Integrated Care Board, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, people with learning disabilities and mental health support needs with lived experience and carers, Healthwatch, Cheshire police and organisations from the voluntary sector.

These comprehensive and transformative plans outline a clear roadmap for improving the quality of life for people with mental health and learning disabilities, focusing on:

  • Early intervention and prevention: Providing timely support to help prevent escalation of mental and physical ill health and promote wellbeing.
  • Choice, flexibility and control: Empowering people to make decisions about how they receive their care and support, improving access to bespoke accommodation, maximising independence and dignity.
  • Integrated care: Ensuring seamless collaboration between health and social care services for holistic support.
  • Employment and education: Supporting individuals to achieve their full potential in education, training, and employment opportunities.
  • Social inclusion: Combating stigma and discrimination, fostering community engagement and belonging.

Rhodes-Jill-223x280Councillor Jill Rhodes, Cheshire East Council adults and health committee chair, said: "We are committed to creating a Cheshire East where everyone feels valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential. 

“These new all age placed based plans mark a significant step forward in achieving this goal and will improve the lives and outcomes of people with learning disabilities and mental health support needs, by focusing on the importance of strong partnership working across health and local authorities.”

Mark Wilkinson, place director at NHS Cheshire and Merseyside, said: "Working closely together, we are encouraged by the council's commitment to improving mental health and learning disability services across Cheshire East. 

“These plans have the potential to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of many individuals and families."

The plans will be continuously reviewed and monitored annually by the Cheshire East Learning Disabilities Partnership Board and the Mental Health Partnership Board, to ensure that the plans are delivering on the key priorities and outcomes.

The Mental Health and Learning Disability Plans are available for download on the Cheshire East Council Live Well online directory by going to: Cheshire East Place Mental Health Plan and Learning disability (