Macclesfield heritage and culture strategy

The Macclesfield Heritage and Culture Strategy was developed by the Council in partnership with the Make it Macclesfield Forum in 2014.

Macclesfield has a rich heritage, and this Strategy seeks to enhance this through identifying opportunities to build upon and promote this identity, ensuring that the heritage of Macclesfield plays a significant role in the town’s future.

Following on from the development of this strategy, a Heritage Action Regeneration Plan was commissioned to identify those heritage buildings in Macclesfield which offer the greatest potential for town centre regeneration benefits, to consider the condition and heritage significance of these buildings and to undertake preliminary option appraisals for their future use.

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La Lune performance at Macclesfield’s Barnaby Festival, 2016
La Lune performance at Macclesfield’s Barnaby Festival, 2016.

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