Street trading - street designations

As of the 1 June 2020, the street designations in the Borough of Cheshire East shall be changing. All ‘streets’ (with the exception of those designated as prohibited streets and all parks/open spaces/car parks owned or operated by Cheshire East Council, which will be undesignated) within the Borough of Cheshire East shall be consent streets for the purposes of Street Trading.

Schedule of Prohibited Streets

All principle roads classified as an ‘A’ road together with adjoining streets for a distance of 50 metres and all roads classified as a ‘B’ road will be designated as prohibited streets with the exception of the following, which shall be consent streets:

  • Lay-by on the A534 at the junction with Smethwick Lane
  • Lay-By on the A54 at the junction with Mill Lane at Browns Bank
  • Lay-by on the A536 at Gawsworth directly adjacent to the Chain and Gate Public House
  • Lay-by on the east side of the A523 at Adlington adjacent to the Legh Arms
  • Lay-by to the west of Monks Heath on the southern side of the A537
  • Lay-by on the B5470 Mobberley Road near to the Longridge Trading Estate, Knutsford

Furthermore the roads listed below have been designated as prohibited streets for the purposes of street trading:

  • Adlington - First Avenue, Second Avenue and Third Avenue (From the junction with the A523 for the remainder of its length)
  • Knutsford - Princess Street, King Street, Tatton Street and Canute Place
  • Macclesfield - Market Place, Mill Street, Park Green, Chestergate, Castle Street, Sunderland Street, Waters Green and Albert Place (With the exception of the area adjacent to number 6 Castle Street)
  • Poynton - Park Lane and Poynton Industrial Estate
  • Wilmslow - Grove Street, Hawthorn Lane and Church Street (With the exception of an area at the junction of Grove Street and Grove Avenue)

Page last reviewed: 10 August 2022