Licensed premises gaming machine permit

We are asking customers to only submit essential applications. Please be aware that it may take some time to review and process your application. You should expect most applications to take longer than normal to process.

A premises with a Licensing Act 2003 on-premises alcohol licence and has three or more category C or D machines will be required to apply for a permit. 

If the premises has 2 or less gaming machines you do not need a permit but need to complete a notice of intention and pay the appropriate fee.

Any application you make in person at one of Contact Centres must be done by appointment. To make an appointment please call Cheshire East Customer Services on 0300 123 5015. Cheques must be made payable to ‘Cheshire East Council’



Application evaluation process

In granting the application we may alter the number and category of gaming machines authorised by the permit. If we refuse and application or grant it for a different number or category of machines we will notify the applicant of our intention to do so and given the applicant an opportunity to make representations.

A permit has no expiry date and will continue in force for so long as the premises continues to have an alcohol licence and that the holder of the permit continues to hold that licence. 

A permit can be cancelled if the holder fails to pay the annual fee and the permit can also lapse if the holder surrenders it to us, the licensing authority.

Permit holders may apply to change the number and/or category of machines authorised by the permit by making a variation application.

Eligibility criteria

  • A pub, restaurant or hotel with a bar will be eligible to apply for this type of permit, but hotels and restaurants that serve alcohol only with food will not.
  • The applicant must be the person named on the liquor licence and must be over the age of 18.
  • An application may not be made if a premises licence issued under the Gambling Act, is already in effect at the premises
  • Permit holders are required to comply with the Gambling Commission gaming machine permits codes of practice. Compliance with these provisions is a condition of the Permit, and failure to do so could result in revocation of the Permit

Page last reviewed: 26 October 2021