Supporting evidence and documents for benefit claims

When you fill in a benefits form we will tell you what supporting evidence we need. We will usually need some original documents. We might also ask you to fill in an extra information form.


You can attach photos or scanned images of original documents.

Upload Benefits evidence

We accept the following file types:

  • pdf, doc, docx
  • jpeg, jpg, jpe 
  • bmp, gif, tiff, tif, png

If you can’t upload a document you can bring the original (not a photocopy) to our Customer Service Centres in  Macclesfield or Crewe or to one of our libraries.  We will scan it and give it back to you. This service is currently not available due to Coronavirus (COVID19). You can post documents to us. For information on centre opening times, locations and contact details, see our contact page.

Online evidence and information forms

You can tell us about some types of evidence and information using our online forms.

Self-employed income form -  we need this form from all self employed people

Self-employed taxi drivers form –all self-employed taxi drivers need to fill in this form as well as the self employed form

Childminder income form - we need this form from all childminders

Child care costs form – use this form if you don’t currently have any evidence of what you pay for childcare. You will still need to give us receipts as soon as you can get them from your childminder.

Landlord confirmation of rent form – ask your landlord or the agent to fill in this form if you don’t have any evidence of what you pay in rent

Types of evidence we accept

We accept the following types of evidence.


Any one of the following:

  • current passport - include pages with the photographs, visa/ permit information or UK Immigration Agency stamps 
  • current driving licence
  • National Insurance number
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • UK residency permit
  • identity card
  • Home Office papers
  • a B79 form for notice you have been released from prison
  • a letter from a solicitor, social worker, probation officer, doctor, or HM Revenue and Customs
  • a certificate of employment in HM forces or the Merchant Navy

Other income

Any of the following that are relevant:

  • pension advice slips
  • evidence of rent received such as a rent book or bank account or tenancy agreement
  • court order for adult maintenance
  • bank statements from the last 2 months
  • letters about student grants or loans showing a full breakdown of how the grant or loan is made up

Capital and savings

Any of the following that are relevant:

  • 2 months consecutive bank statements for all bank, building society and post office accounts, or original and up-to-date building society books -  even if the account is empty or overdrawn
  • certificates for premium bonds, National Savings, ISAs, stocks, shares and unit trusts
  • details of any second property – evidence of the mortgage outstanding, mortgage payments, the deeds and the address of the property


one document showing your address, such as a bank statement, TV licence or a recent utility bill (not council tax or a mobile phone bill)


Any one of the following:

  • tenancy agreement (all pages)
  • rent book or rent receipts
  • a letter from your landlord stating the date the tenancy started, the rent, and the services included in the rent
  • fair rent registration document

If you don’t have any of these, you can ask your landlord to fill in our confirmation of rent form.


Any of the following that are relevant:

  • any welfare benefit award notices dated within the last 3 months - these could include Child Benefit, Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance (income based and contribution based), Pension Credit, Industrial Disabilities Benefit, Carers Allowance, Severe Disability Allowance, Maternity, Paternity, Employment Support Allowance, Personal Independence payment
  • your latest Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credit award letters
  • Screen shots of you Universal Credit payments taken from your online account
  • war pensions award letters
  • registered blind certificate


Any of the following that are relevant:

  • letters about student loan and grant repayments
  • maintenance agreements
  • receipts / invoices from child care providers /childminders or our childcare costs form
  • If you are moving into the Cheshire East area a final Council Tax bill for your previous address to confirm the amount of COVID19 Hardship payment you have received