Specified Accommodation

Where rented accommodation has been categorised as Specified Accommodation, this allows exemptions from the rules restricting how much rent is used in the benefit calculation. This means tenants can get higher levels of benefit.

How to apply for Specified Accommodation status

Applications can only be made by the landlord or the accommodation provider or the property owner. To apply for Specified Accommodation status, fill in our Specified Accommodation form.

Supported Exempt Accommodation

Supported Exempt Accommodation is the first category of Specified Accommodation.

To count as Supported Exempt Accommodation, all of the following must apply:

  • the accommodation is provided by an English non-metropolitan council (such as Cheshire East Council), a housing association, a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, or a registered charity
  • the care, support and supervision is provided by the accommodation provider or by someone acting on behalf of the accommodation provider
  • the level of care, support and supervision is more than minimal

Other types of Specified Accommodation

There are three other categories of Specified Accommodation.

Managed properties (Specified Accommodation category 2)

Managed properties are where care, support and supervision is provided by an organisation or individual other than the accommodation provider. For tenants in managed properties, we give exemptions on a short term basis. The claimant must have entered the accommodation in order to get care, support and supervision.

Refuges (Specified Accommodation category 3)

Accommodation to provide temporary housing plus care and support for people escaping domestic violence.

Hostels (Specified Accommodation category 4)

Accommodation to provide short-term housing on a temporary basis for claimants living in hostels that provide care, support and supervision.

Freedom of Information Requests

In the past we have received a number of requests for similar information relating to Specified Accommodation. For this reason, we will now publish benefits - freedom of information statistics (PDF, 71KB) each April, July, October, and January on the following:  

  • number of Specified Accommodation cases currently in receipt of Housing Benefit.
  • the highest eligible gross rent being paid for a Specified Accommodation case by Housing Benefits.
  • the lowest eligible gross rent being paid for a Specified Accommodation case by Housing Benefits.
  • number of claimants currently in receipt of Housing Benefit for Bed and Breakfast Accommodation.

Page last reviewed: 23 February 2024