Waste strategy and performance

Recycling and waste performance statistics

Our recycling rate remains above the national target of 50% at 51.8%

Municipal waste management strategy

Our municipal waste management strategy sets out how we intend to reduce, reuse, recycle, recover and dispose of municipal waste between 2014 and 2030. Our strategy sets out key aims and objectives for the management of waste. 

As we agreed in 2014, we have carried out a review of the strategy and following consultation, have redrafted the strategy. The new draft was approved at Cabinet in March 2020 and a borough wide consultation planned, this is currently on hold due to Covid-19 measures. Once the measures have been lifted we will carry out the consultation. 

The updated strategy can be viewed prior to the consultation and is available below

Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) review

Part of our municipal waste management strategy was to review the HWRC network. We undertook an independent review and consulted on our preferred choice.

Environmental Hub

The Environmental Hub, the Borough’s main recycling centre and headquarters for Ansa Environmental Services is now fully operational. 

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