Reducing food waste

For tips on reducing food waste, take a look at the ‘Waste a Minute series’ on Ansa Environmental Services’ communities page.

How to reduce food waste

The Love Food Hate Waste programme is a national initiative which provides practical information to help people make the most of the food they buy and therefore waste less of it. You can also sign up to their monthly newsletter for updates and recipe tips.

In the UK 7 million tonnes of food is thrown away by households every year, that’s around a third of all the food we buy. If we stopped wasting food it would have the same impact on carbon emissions as taking 1.8 million cars off UK roads.

There are quick and easy things we can all do to reduce the amount of food we throw away, for example:

  • combine leftovers from previous meals with fresh ingredients
  • cook a large dish and divide into portions to freeze for another day
  • buy fruit and vegetables loose so you can buy exactly how much you need
  • after opening packets of dried foods such as cereals, rice, flour and pasta, reseal them tightly or transfer them into storage boxes
  • take time to plan your meals for the week ahead, you'll find it much easier when you are food shopping if you have your meals in mind
  • packs of meat and fish can be separated into smaller amounts for the freezer so you can take out only the amount you need

Page last reviewed: 19 May 2018