Real nappies

Switching to real nappies

We encourage the use of reusable nappies. Babies get through about 5000 disposable nappies in their first two and half years, compared with 25-30 reusable nappies.

We can offer shopping vouchers if you buy reusable nappies. We can provide half the amount of your spend, up to a maximum of £25. For example if you pay £40 for real nappies, we will provide £20 in shopping vouchers. We will need a copy of your receipt or invoice.

Alternatively, we can send an e-voucher for £25 to purchase real nappies online.

How to apply

Complete our Real nappy online form. You will be asked to scan or photograph and upload copies of your receipts if applicable.

We will aim to process your request within 6 weeks.

For any other enquiries email

Benefits of real nappies

Real nappies are:

  • breathable and comfortable
  • reusable for more than one child
  • washed at 60°C or at 40°C before your baby reaches 6 months
  • made from bamboo, polyester or cotton fibre, and contain no perfume, absorbent gels or chemicals
  • economical as they can save up to £700
  • easy to fasten with velcro or poppers

Page last reviewed: 23 July 2021