School crossing patrol

Cheshire’s School crossing patrol service ensures the safety of school children crossing roads.

Request a school crossing patrol

Schools may make a request for school crossing patrol.

The Head Teacher or the school governing body request a site visit and give the circumstances and recommendations for the site of the proposed crossing.

We score a road safety site assessment taking into consideration the road layout, the volume of traffic using the road at school times and the number of pedestrians. There must be a minimum of at least 15 unaccompanied children using the proposed crossing site.

School crossing patrol vacancies

You can find details of the current school crossing patrol vacancies on the ansa jobs web page.

Our school crossing patrols require a combination of professional skills to manage the traffic, and personal skills to deal with children, drivers, parents and teachers.

The role involves dealing will many day to day challenges, from poor weather conditions to rude drivers and cheeky children. Job satisfaction overcomes this through the relationships built up, and the respect received from the local community.

School Crossing Patrols are employed by Cheshire East Council.
ansa - a company owned and controlled by Cheshire East Council is responsible for appointment, training, supervision and administration of the service.

Contact us

0300 123 5012

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Page last reviewed: 29 March 2022