Poynton High School transport 

For details of Poynton High school bus services including timetables, see the school's website - Poynton High School transport.

Students must have a travel pass available to show the driver. Travel pass checks will be carried out throughout the school year.

Apply for Poynton School transport

Apply by:

Phone: 0300 123 5012

Apply for School transport

Pay for your travel pass

Cost of the travel pass

The costs for 2022 / 2023 are:

  • nothing or a reduced price if your child is eligible for free or subsidised transport
  • £250 for term 1 or £125 per half a term
  • £250 for term 2 or £125 per half a term
  • £200 for term 3 or £100 per half a term
  • £700 per year

This is the equivalent of £3.68 per day.

Benefits of having a travel pass

  • pay for bus fares before your child travels
  • no need to find the correct bus fare every day 
  • children can board the bus more quickly, keeping buses on time

Page last reviewed: 18 July 2022