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Ofsted briefing session

Wednesday 16 October 2019 at Holmes Chapel Community Centre

Emergency Planning, Compliance and Critical Incident Briefing for Schools 

In response to the increasing challenges on schools to be able to respond to potential emergency situations/threats to school sites, this briefing was designed to provide schools with the latest advice and best practice on a range of critical themes. 

Session 1: Dealing with Critical Incidents and Managing a Multi-Agency Response

Session 1a) Nicola West, Principal Educational Psychologist and Specialist presented on the Cheshire East Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

Further information is available to Cheshire East staff on the Critical Incident Team Centranet page.

Session 1b) Chris Samuel, Emergency Planning Team Manager presented on the Council and local Emergency Services - response to major incidents.

Further information: Nottinghamshire County Council Critical Incident Response Information and Leftwich High School Lockdown Procedures

Session 2: Project Griffin; National Counter Terrorism

Hannah Ryan, Counter Terrorism Security Advisor, Cheshire Police

Session 3: Fire Risk Assessments and Management

Brad Walker, Safety Management UK - Specialist Provider

Session 4: Compliance, School Trips and Visits

Mike Harris, Service Manager: Governance and Liaison

Session 5: Feedback, Actions and Priority Areas

Mark Bayley, Head of Service: Infrastructure and Outcomes 

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