Chairs of Governors' Email Accounts

All chairs of governors' are strongly recommended to access and use the Chair’s designated school email account (for example which Council departments use for school-related communication. This is to ensure security and to comply with GDPR. Chairs' will need to undertake regular housekeeping (i.e. filing or deleting messages) to ensure that the inbox has room to accommodate incoming emails.

New users should contact their school's ICT technical support team who will advise on the procedure for set up as a user and completion of an on-line acceptable use form.

If your Governing Board is having problems with access to this service, or if you need your password resetting, please contact your school's ICT technical support team. (Some schools may have their own technical support team on-site).

The Schools’ Finance Team will only use official Council email addresses for sending through budgetary information etc with the appropriate encryption in place given confidentiality and data protection requirements. Therefore, it is very important that chairs' ensure they have access to that account and monitor it.

The School Governance Team also uses chairs' email addresses to communicate, with permission. If you are a chair of governors and would like to be added to our mailing list email School Governance.

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Page last reviewed: 23 October 2023