Policy HOU 9: Subdivision of dwellings

Subdivision of existing dwellings into self-contained residential units will be permitted where the proposals accord with other policies in the development plan and:

  1. satisfactory living environments can be created in the new dwellings;
  2. sufficient amenity space and car parking is retained; and
  3. adequate provision is made in the site for waste and recycling storage.

Supporting information

8.53 The creation of additional self-contained housing units by the sub-division of existing dwellings is often an effective way of providing lower-cost accommodation, but the usual standards for dwellings will still apply.

8.54 LPS Policy SE 1 'Design', Policy GEN 1 'Design principles', Policy HOU 8 'Space, accessibility and wheelchair housing standards', Policy HOU 12 'Amenity' and Policy HOU 13 'Residential standards' are likely to have particular relevance to proposals for the subdivision of dwellings. Any extensions or alterations must accord with the requirements of Policy HOU 11 'Extensions and alterations'. Further guidance is also available in the Cheshire East Borough Design Guide supplementary planning document.

Policy information


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