Dangerous structures

In an emergency, please report a dangerous structure to the building control team on 01270 375256 during office hours and on 0300 123 5025 outside office hours

For non-emergency reports please email the following information to the building control team buildingcontrol@cheshireeast.uk.

  • the address/specific location of the danger
  • a description of the danger
  • where possible, images of the danger

Under section 77 and 78 of the Building Act 1984 the Authority may undertake enforcement action where the level of danger poses an immediate threat to the general public or a public highway. Enforcement action will not always be considered where the public is not directly affected. Unsightly Buildings and structures may not be considered to be a danger and would not be enforceable under building control.

Some examples of dangerous structures could be, deterioration, settlement, impact by vehicles, explosion or fire, loose masonry or slates and unstable garden boundary walls.

What we do when we get a report of a dangerous structure

We work closely with the emergency services to ensure a 24 hour service. One of our team will visit the site and take the necessary action to make the area safe.

Possible actions include:

  • removing the danger immediately, including demolishing the building or structure
  • providing temporary support
  • closing the highway

If you are the owner of a dangerous structure

We can recover costs associated with making the building safe from the property owner in instances where we are unable to immediately determine who the owner is, under section 78 of the Building Act 1984.

If you have been invoiced for works to make a structure safe you can pay your invoice online. You will need your invoice number and card details ready.

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01270 375256

Building Control
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Page last reviewed: 06 December 2023