Building regulations approval

Compliance with building regulations is the responsibility of the property owner.

It's important to check whether you need building regulations approval if you are planning a building or home improvement project. If you do need approval, you must apply before you start the work.

Building regulations approval is different to planning permission. You may need both - they cover different aspects of a project.

If work has been completed that did not get approval at the time, it is in breach of regulations, and we could take enforcement action. You may be able to get the works regularised, which means retrospectively inspected for compliance where we might ask you to undertake remedial work to satisfy the regulations.

When and why you need building regulations approval and who can provide it

You need building regulations approval for most types of building work, including:

  • new buildings
  • loft and garage conversions
  • extensions
  • structural alterations
  • re-roofing
  • Underpinning
  • converting a property into a house or multiple occupation (HMO)

Types of building regulations application and fees

Depending on the type of project, you can either submit a full plans application or a Building Notice. A Building Notice is faster for us to process and lets you get started sooner, but is only suitable for certain types of project. It would not, for example, be suitable for a large commercial project.

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Full plans approval is a good option for any project if you want to get your plans checked and receive feedback before starting work. We aim to provide feedback within 10 working days.

You can submit a Building Notice for:

  • building, extending, and altering houses, flats, and maisonettes, including providing services and installing fittings
  • the material change of use of a building to create a house/house, flats or maisonettes

You can apply to have works that have already started or completed regularised, which means retrospectively inspected for compliance with regulations when a Building Notice or Full Plans application for the work has not already been submitted to the Authority.

The cost will be the same whether you choose a full plans application or a Building Notice.

Fees cover the complete process, including:

  • validation (checking we have all the documents and information needed)
  • all site inspections 
  • support and advice to you and your builder throughout the project

Costs vary depending on the proposed work. Standard projects are covered by our fee schedule - contact us for a price. For more complicated, multi-works or bespoke projects, you can request a fee online.

Fees for full plans applications are split into a plan check fee when you apply, and an inspections fee which is invoiced after the first inspection. The full Building Notice fee is payable on submission of the application. We can offer pre-application advice for larger, complex or non-domestic projects to help you prepare your application.

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