Supported Internships

Supported internships, and working with employers over lockdown

31 March 2021

After the Christmas break many of our eager interns returned to their supported internship, to find that their work placement was on hold due to the impact of Covid 19 and another national lockdown. Because many of our interns were spending more time at home, and less time in the workplace- we took the opportunity to work remotely with a fabulous employer called Engie.

We seized the opportunity to invite all of our interns across Cheshire East to take part in a bespoke training programme called ‘Skills to Success’. This was particularly powerful training as it was delivered by a ‘real life’ employer, at a time when they were unable to go into work. There were lots of discussions around the application process, and the skills which are most important to employers when looking for their future workforce.

All of our Cheshire East interns had the opportunity to join the session and take part. They were all brilliant, and asked fabulous questions, were well mannered, and were able to share their experiences with each other.

The feedback  we received from the interns was very positive, and although they learnt a lot from the sessions delivered by Tamara at Engie- they also really benefitted from meeting their peers from different schools and colleges and sharing their experiences with each other. In fact, they enjoyed this so much, that they have requested that they are able to meet more as one large Cheshire East supported internship group in the future.

This is certainly something that we will be looking to incorporate into the programme moving forward.

Tamara’s feedback from the session was fabulous, ‘I must be honest, that Is probably one of the most rewarding sessions I have ever delivered – the interns were fantastic!’.

High praise indeed for our fantastic interns!

For more information on supported internships in Cheshire East visit our Local Offer