Hands round a heart for autism

Spotlight on Cheshire East Autism Team

19 October 2022

The Cheshire East Autism Team (CEAT) is a small multi-disciplinary team of committed professionals. We provide a service to Cheshire East maintained schools and academies, offering advice and support to all staff working with pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) or other related social and communication difficulties.

In January 2021 we became an AET (Autism Education Trust) training hub. We are now licenced to deliver their national, accredited training programme to staff in all phases of education, from Early Years through to Post-16. We have adopted their vision and mission as our own:

  • Our Vision is a world where all autistic children and young people experience a positive education which supports wellbeing
  • Our Mission is to empower the education workforce and support them in securing a positive education that supports wellbeing for all autistic children and young people

Our approach is to embrace and promote the understanding of autism as a difference rather than a deficit. Supporting our autistic children and young people not just to cope, but to thrive in our schools is both a duty and a privilege for all those involved in education.

If children are to thrive, all those involved with the young person need to be fully included in shaping and supporting their success.  Working closely with parent/carers is therefore vital.

A new development this year is our participation in the Schools Autism Project. This is an NHS project which aims to improve outcomes by focussing on early intervention and support. There are three strands:

1)    Training for school staff

2)    Support for parent/carers

3)    Support for individual autistic young people in respect of their understanding of autism and their mental wellbeing

In Cheshire East ten schools have been chosen to be part of the project. 

The number of children and young people with autism in our schools is on the increase, as is the complexity of their needs. We are making progress, but we still have a way to go before we achieve our vision. We recognise that this is not something we could or should do alone. Making the world a better place for our autistic children and young people requires us all to work together. Our goal is worth striving for as a world where neurodiversity is not only accepted and understood but celebrated, is a world which enriches us all.

For more information and to contact the Cheshire East Autism Team visit our Local Offer or call 01270 685960.