New Council for Disabled Children E-learning course: Holistic Outcomes in Education, Health and Care Plans

26 October 2020

The Council for Disabled Children ( CDC ) is the umbrella body for the disabled children’s sector. They have over 250 member organisations covering the width and breadth of the country and representing the full diversity of the disability sector.

In September, Cheshire East welcomed the opportunity to work with the CDC when they delivered their virtual training in Holistic Outcomes in Education, Health and Care Plans ( EHCP ). This provided a great opportunity for a wide range of partners to come together and support our shared commitment to identifying, describing and delivering child and young person-centred outcomes in SEND .

The training was really well received, and we are really pleased that the CDC have now announced the launch of this training as a free self-guided e-learning course.

The e-learning training covers a series of modules and, like the virtual training that the CDC provided, this online course centres on placing children, young people and family-determined aspirations and outcomes at the heart of the EHC plan. The training also focuses on how the different teams and individuals involved in the EHC plan process should support the development, writing and monitoring of the outcomes. 

This training is suitable for any parent, carer, family member or professional who is involved with children and young people who have or require an EHC plan. The training would also be appropriate for any professionals who would benefit from gaining an understanding of the process and the people involved in developing, writing and monitoring a plan.