Availability of Autism training courses

9 February 2021

The 0-25 SEND Partnership is looking to collate information about training that is currently on offer in Cheshire East around Autism. This includes training being delivered by any team or organisation in Cheshire East which is available for professionals, for children/young people/adults with autism, or for their parents/carers/family members.

We are aware that there is a wealth of good quality training happening (for example success in Cheshire East Council becoming an Autism Education Trust training hub) and this information gathering exercise will help us to capture the full range of available training and help us to consider the consistency of our offer for different levels of training needs.

Please would you take a moment to identify any training courses that are delivered by your team/organisation in relation to Autism and provide details of your training courses by completing and returning the document below. 

Please return the completed spreadsheet to by 5pm on Friday 5 March 2021.

Notes for completing the form

  • For scheduled courses, please only include courses which have confirmed dates and which are due to take place within the next 12 months (up to end of March 2022)
  • Please include all courses delivered by your organisation/team in relation to Autism - this covers courses for all ages (children and adults), all levels of need, all formats (including face to face, virtual sessions or e-learning modules) and all intended audiences (including courses for individuals with Autism, their parents/carers and/or professionals)
  • Please use a new line in the spreadsheet for each individual course that you offer (different dates for the same course can be included in the same line)
  • Please do not include instances of individual support, or support which is bespoke to the needs of a specific individual or their family.

Please contact if you have any queries regarding completion of the form.