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21 September 2020 

Admissions letter

Dear Parents/Carers

I would firstly like to apologise for any miscommunication regarding the September 2021 transition/admission letters sent out this week, due to several queries I wanted to clarify a few key questions:

Date on letter - There was a short delay in posting the letters from when they were written and printed this was due to us aligning the letters with when the admissions guidance being published online. 

Date on webpage – There was a delay in the website being updated but this has now been rectified and now states correct date ‘Admissions for September 2021’

Contact for support – From Wednesday 23 September there will be  SEND Business Support answering telephone queries if support is required please ring 01625 378042. Council staff are still working from home in the main therefore any queries directly for managers or keyworkers will be taken by the business support officers and passed on as needed.

Post 16 transition questions

Is the form for schools and colleges? 

Yes, the same form is to be used for schools and colleges

Deadline for 31 October

The process is being changed slightly this year to allow us to support young people and families. The form that we are requesting to be completed online is for ‘intended destinations’ and ‘parental preference’, the  LA will be using this information to then support between November 2020 and March 31 2021 (statutory deadline) to undertake consultations and amend plans.

Do you still need to apply for a place directly with colleges?

Yes, you will still need to apply directly for a place with colleges. The Cheshire East form is for the  SEND team to ensure we have clear understanding of your preferences/intended destinations.

Where can I get support to help with identifying options?

Local offer website pages, Preparing for Adulthood website pages, College/school information is accessible through our local offer webpage, Youth Support Service advisers will attend reviews in schools and colleges if young people are within settings in Cheshire East (and are also available to offer advice throughout the process),  SEND keyworkers can offer support for young people who are in settings out of authority (and are also available to offer advice throughout the process,  SENDCO – schools will be able to offer advice and support throughout the process as needed

What if I don’t have 3 options to identify on the form?

You don’t need to have 3 options we are seeking your preference and giving the option to state up to 3 preferences.

Once again I would like to apologise for any confusion this may have caused, please access the online form to complete your preference for intended destination.  If you need any further support please don’t hesitate to contact  SEND team on 01625 378042 from Wednesday 23 September or via email or Youth Support Service:

Kind regards

Laura Rogerson

Head of Service  SEND (Interim) Statutory Assessment and Monitoring