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Visual Impairment

Mother and child look at a sensory bubble tubeThe majority of children diagnosed with a visual loss are referred through to the Sensory Inclusion Service (SIS) by medical colleagues. However, if you feel that your child may have a visual impairment you should contact your doctor or arrange for an assessment with an optician. If your child has a significant visual impairment then you will normally be referred to the nearest hospital ophthalmology department. They will then refer your child to the Sensory Inclusion Service (SIS), with parental permission. The service also accepts referrals from parents, school and other agencies.The Service will arrange to see the child and the family, assess the visual functioning and then allocate a Specialist Teacher for Visual Impairment according to the NatSIP (National Sensory Impairment Partnership) criteria. This will either be on a teaching or monitoring commitment or advice only.

Hearing impairment

All children are screened at birth for hearing impairment and referrals sent through to the SIS if an individual is diagnosed. If you feel that your child needs help with a hearing problem, contact your doctor first. They can ask for your child to have hearing tests at a hospital audiology department. If a diagnosis is made, they will refer through to SIS. Specialist Teacher of the Deaf time is allocated according to use of the NatSIP (National Sensory Impairment Partnership) criteria. This will be either a teaching or monitoring commitment or advice only

Sensory support

Specialist teachers

  • see children from point of diagnosis through to leaving school (as per NatSIP criteria)
  • provide ongoing advice and information about the sensory loss to all involved with the child
  • liaise with all agencies, including the voluntary sector, to ensure a cohesive overall approach
  • provide ongoing assessment of child’s sensory loss and advise accordingly
  • provide advice and support to the educational placement (pre school, playgroup, nursery, school setting)
  • provide training as required, individually, small group or whole school
  • assess and provide specialist equipment as determined by need

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