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Recovery and physical health

Your road to recovery after an illness will be individual to your needs. Your health worker, for example a hospital nurse or doctor, your GP or Community Matron, will be able to provide you with information and advice.

You may also want to look at NHS Choices.

Recovery and mental health

For many people who experience a mental health problem recovery is about staying in control of their life. This is different from the complete recovery from a physical health problem. 

Professionals in the mental health sector often refer to the ‘recovery model' to describe this way of thinking. Recovery is more of a process with some clear principles behind it and is individual to each person. For further information please visit the Mental Health Foundation.

Recovery emphasises that, while people may not have full control over their symptoms, they can have full control over their lives. Recovery is not always about 'getting rid' of problems. It is about seeing beyond problems and recognising and fostering a person's abilities, interests and dreams.

Recovery is about providing the right kind of support which enables people to manage the difficulties they experience and looking beyond assumed limitations to help people achieve their own goals and aspirations.

Community reablement services

Reablement is a period of short-term, intensive support. It is designed to help you manage independently following a period of illness or a fall, or if you have lost some of the skills you need to maintain your independence.

This service is only available following an assessment and referral by a healthcare or social care professional.

After the support many people will not require any further assistance. If you do need more help a care and support plan will be developed with you.

Mental health reablement service

This short term support focuses on coping techniques, promoting social inclusion, building self-esteem, goal setting and can refer to other support services. This service is only available following an assessment and referral by a healthcare or social care professional. We offer the Mental Health Reablement Service with our health partners.

Page last reviewed: 17 November 2021

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