Early Years reference group and schools forum

The Early Years Reference Group (EYRG) is a subgroup of the Cheshire East Schools’ Forum. The purpose for the EYRG is to offer advice, experience, information and recommendations to the Local Authority and the Cheshire East Schools’ Forum in relation to the practical exercise of developing, reforming and implementing early years funding arrangements.

Key to successful delivery of the free early education entitlement is for local authorities to achieve a balance in their priorities; securing sufficiency, quality and accessibility in free provision.

Critical to achieving this is a strong partnership between the council and providers in all sectors; private, voluntary, independent, maintained and childminders, to enable them to assess and meet demand according to local circumstances and market.

If you need more information about the Early Years Reference Group, contact the Early Years and Childcare Team.

Page last reviewed: 04 July 2022

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