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Having someone to speak on your behalf is known as advocacy. 

You may consider having an advocate if:

  • you do not fully understand your rights
  • you find it hard to speak up for yourself
  • you just want someone independent to support you while you are receiving a service from us

An advocate could help you to:

  • clarify your views and wishes
  • express and present your views
  • obtain independent advice and information
  • negotiate and resolve conflict 

As part of the assessment process, the Council will assess whether you require someone to speak on your behalf and we will arrange this service for you. 

For more information on this service please contact VoiceAbility

Telephone: 0300 303 1660 (freephone number on all landlines and mobiles)



Appropriate adult

If the police arrest you and think that you may be vulnerable they have a duty to call for an appropriate adult. The appropriate adult could be your carer, a relative or a friend. If there is no-one suitable or available to carry out this role for you, the support can be provided by the Cheshire East Appropriate Adults service

Requests for an appropriate adult can be made by phoning Adult Social Care on 0300 123 5010.

The appropriate adult will:

  • ensure the you are treated fairly
  • help with communication between you and the Police
  • remain impartial
  • ensure you are seen by medical staff
  • ensure you have food/drink
  • ensure that the length of time you are in custody is appropriate
  • ensure you are aware of your rights
  • ensure you receive legal support from a Solicitor

Appropriate adults do not need to know the details of an alleged offence. Only your solicitor can give you full confidentially. Remember, the police can question anyone who may have useful information.

Page last reviewed: 24 April 2024

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