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Future Digital Inclusion programme

We are pleased to be part of the Good Things Foundation's Future Digital Inclusion programme, funded by the Department for Education. Libraries across Cheshire East will be supporting people to gain or to improve their online skills, and discover how the internet can make their lives a little easier.

All our libraries are UK Online Centres, and we offer free online support to adults, so if you know someone who needs help to get started, or if you'd like to develop your digital skills further, ask your library about Learn My Way. Learn how to use a mouse and keyboard, browse the internet, use email and more. There are even courses on learning how to stay safe online, job-hunting, trying to get healthy, managing money, connecting with friends and family, or shopping for a bargain. Look out for regular Learn My Way courses and special events during Get Online Week in October!

If you just need some assistance with a specific task, you can ask a member of staff or drop into one of our IT/Tablet and Chat sessions, or book an IT Buddy.