Cycle tracks orders

Under the Cycle Tracks Act 1984, the Council has the power to convert public footpaths into cycle tracks.  The public has a right of way on foot only on public footpaths.  On a cycle track, the public has a right of way on both foot and pedal cycle.

The process for Cycle Tracks Orders is outlined below:

  1. The proposal, usually put forward by local communities and user groups, is assessed
  2. An informal consultation is carried out to inform the decision of the Public Rights of Way Committee whether or not to make an Order
  3. If an Order is made, public notice of the Order is advertised on site, in the press, on this website and notices are sent to consultees
  4. There is a period of time for objections to be raised to the Order
  5. Unopposed Orders are confirmed and advertised
  6. Opposed Orders are sent to the Secretary of State for determination

For further information contact the Public Rights of Way team

Notices for current cycle tracks orders

  • There are currently no cycle track orders being advertised


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