Play Areas in the Macclesfield Area

Alderley Edge

  • Slide in Macclesfield area play area. Alderley Park, Ryleys Lane, Alderley Edge

The play area is a regional sized facility, sited in a park. It is split into two areas, with an open access junior area and enclosed toddler/junior area. The play area has been designed for children aged 2+.

  • Beech Road, Alderley Edge

The play area is a doorstep local facility sited in an enclosed green space, with external ball play facilities. The play area has been designed for children aged 2+.

  • Festival Drive, Over Alderley

The play area is a doorstep sized facility, sited within a playing field. The play area has been designed for children aged 2+.


  • Adlington Road Play Area, Bollington
  • Bollington Cross, Princess Drive, Bollington
  • Coronation Playground, Palmerston Street, Bollington


  • Climbing frame in Macclesfield area play area. Arnold Rhodes, Buxton Road, Disley
  • Dane Hill Close, Disley, Stockport
  • Newtown, Buxton Road, Rear of Albert Terrace, Disley


  • Hall bank, Mobberley, Knutsford
  • Hield Grove, Aston by Budworth, Knutsford
  • Ilfords Play Area, Summerfields Drive, Mobberley 
  • Jane Taylor Rec, Berisdale Road, Mobberley, Knutsford
  • Longridge, Skateboard and Basketball area, Knutsford
  • Manor Crescent, Knutsford
  • Swings in play area. Mere Court, Woodlands Drive, Chelford
  • Moorcroft, Plumley
  • Oaklands Road, Ollerton
  • Southfields, Shaw Drive, Knutsford
  • The Moor, Moorside, Knutsford
  • Peover Heath (opposite school), Over Peover
  • Pheasant Walk, High Legh - Children’s play area and kick about area – includes a roundabout that is designed to be wheelchair accessible 


  • Ash Grove, Macclesfield
  • Banbury Close, Hurdsfield, Macclesfield - Children’s play area and kick about area – includes a roundabout that is designed to be wheelchair accessible
  • Bodmin Avenue, Macclesfield
  • Brynmore Drive, off Black Road, Macclesfield
  • Cop Meadow, Sutton, Macclesfield
  • Dorchester Way, Tytherington, Macclesfield
  • Franklin Close/Rotherhead Drive, Macclesfield
  • Gawsworth Park, Gawsworth, Macclesfield
  • Hall Grove, Tytherington, Macclesfield
  • Holcombe Drive Tytherington, Macclesfield
  • Juniper Rise, Macclesfield
  • Lanark Walk, Upton Priory, Macclesfield
  • Lyme Green Playing Field, Robin Lane, Sutton, Macclesfield
  • Main Road, Langley, Macclesfield
  • King George V Playing Field, Windmill Street, Macclesfield
  • South Park, Park Grove, Macclesfield
  • St Georges Play Area, High Street, Macclesfield
  • The Villas, Ashbourne Mews, Macclesfield
  • Victoria Park, York Street, Macclesfield 
  • West Park, Prestbury Road, Macclesfield
  • Weston Playing Field, Earlsway, Macclesfield
  • Rainow Road, Higher Hurdsfield
  • Paddock Lane, Kettleshulme
  • Round Meadow (next to School), Rainow


  • Barnaby Road, Poynton
  • Brecon Close, Poynton
  • Deva Close Playing Fields, Poynton
  • Distaff Road, Poynton
  • Fleetbank Farm, Poynton
  • Hockley Road, Poynton
  • Lower Park crescent, Poynton
  • Mount Vernon, Shrigley Road, Higher Poynton


  • Bollin Grove, Prestbury
  • Alderley Road Park, Mottram St Andrew


  • Arthur Boon, Manchester Road, Handforth
  • Boddingtons Play Area, The Carrs, Chancel Road/Cliff Road, Wilmslow
  • Booth Road, Wilmslow
  • Budworth Walk, Dean Road, Handforth, Wilmslow
  • Chorley Village Hall, Beswicks Lane, Mobberley Road, Chorley  
  • Fulshaw Park, Gravel Lane, Wilmslow
  • Gravel Lane, Wilmslow adjacent to Beechfield Avenue behind conifer hedge
  • Hawthorn Street/Little Lindow, Wilmslow
  • Henbury Road, Handforth, Wilmslow
  • Howty Close, Colshaw Farm, Handforth, Wilmslow
  • Lacey green, Barlow Road, Wilmslow
  • Meriton Road (Park), Handforth
  • The Parsonage, Dean Road, Handforth
  • Picton Drive Play Area, Handforth 
  • Stanley Hall Park, Spath Lane off Peover Road, Handforth
  • Summerfields, Browns Lane, Wilmslow
  • Thorngrove Play Area, Wilmslow
  • The Villas, Alverston Drive, Wilmslow  
  • Welton Drive, Wilmslow
  • Woodlands Road, Wilmslow 

Page last reviewed: 01 July 2020