Parks commercial opportunities

Periodically an opportunity arises for the commercial sector to partner the Cheshire East parks service, managed by Ansa Environmental Services Ltd*, to enhance the local park(s) services.

Please monitor these pages to be aware of any future opportunities. The successful concessionaire will be awarded a formal Cheshire East contract, which will contain full partnership details, together with monetary arrangements and contract withdrawal information, plus any other requirements as deemed necessary.

*Ansa Environmental Services Ltd, is a wholly owned company of Cheshire East Borough Council, and are authorised agents to act officially on behalf of the council.

Current commercial opportunity

Parks mobile catering

Mobile Caterers are invited to submit a quotation for the supply of a mobile unit.

If successful your contract will be valid for between a 1-3 year period, provisionally commencing on 1 June 2021

The park areas you can bid on:

  • Alderley Edge, Macclesfield
  • Barony Park, Nantwich (Contract 1 year with optional 2nd and 3rd year renewal by agreement)
  • South Park, Macclesfield
  • Victoria Park, Macclesfield

How to bid

Submit your quotation, together with details as confirmed below to;

You must submit your offer no later than 4pm Friday 7 May 2021. 

You may submit an ‘offer’ to provide a catering service at one, or multiple locations.

What you need to include with your bid

With your submission you should include details of:

  • which park(s) your offer relates to
  • your quarterly financial £bid/offer for each site
  • your price list
  • photograph of your catering unit
  • detail type of goods to be sold  i.e. hot/cold, retail selection,
    (strictly hot/cold soft drinks permitted only, regardless of PLH )
  • type of generator,
    (preference will be given to type with low noise/emissions)
  • source of suppliers (local if possible)
  • waste collection and disposal
  • insurance and any health and food hygiene certificates
  • potential liaison with user/park friends groups
  • proposed opening hours
  • past relevant experience

Submissions will be evaluated:

  • 70% financial offer
  • 30% other considerations as indicated above

If you are successful

The successful concessionaire will need:

  • a  risk assessment for their service which is site specific, plus a Covid service related Risk Assessment.   
  • a cancellation notice period, for both the concessionaire and Ansa Environmental Services Ltd, will apply and will be confirmed on issue of contract.
  • a point of contact

Further information 

Catering is not exclusive for example  when large scale eventing, this may be subject to the organiser's discretion and negotiated arrangements with the successful concessionaire.

The catering unit must be removed from site each evening. 

This opportunity exists for a mobile unit only and excludes any use of buildings/premises, or fixed electricity source.

For any further details please contact