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children at the moor Located to the east of the town centre and within a conservation area, the moor is within 15 minutes walking distance of over 5,500 households. It is an incredibly important, if small facility, for both local residents and visitors to the town. Adjacent to the tatton mere SSSI and ramsar site, users step from a busy town centre into an oasis of green space and open views. Mature trees define the boundary and there are a number of well-used routes cross the park.

The moor is very popular with walkers and those visiting to view the mere and moor pool and its rich birdlife, which includes reed bunting, mute swan and teal and at the very least you’ll always be able to spot a mallard duck. As well as the regularly used routes through the park into town, many visit the children’s play area which is often very busy and brings energy and activity to the site. People also enjoy visiting the park just to sit and relax and many visit at least once a week. Its small size has restricted the number of facilities in the park but an increasing number of events and activities are beginning to take place there.

Local facilities and access to The Moor

geese at the moor

There are plenty of community facilities within the town centre including the town hall, library, civic centre and heritage centre. The country estate of Tatton Park with its extensive network of paths and cycle routes is close by, as are a good range of local shops and restaurants in the town.

The moor covers an area of 2.3 hectares and has good pedestrian access. With roads on two sides, there is a railway line embankment along the east and the moor pool and tatton mere reed beds to the north. There is a local bus service with stops nearby and the train station is just a short walk away. There is residential property on the west of the site with no properties along the other boundaries and a scout hut in the southern tip.

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