The History of Sandbach Park

The early days

The land that now comprises the park was transferred from the Right Honourable Earl of Crewe and others to the Urban District Council for the Urban District of Sandbach in April 1899. The Council and the Earl subsequently entered into a declaration of trust in June 1899 regarding the Earl’s intentions in transferring the land to the Council and stating what is should be used for. 

The declaration of trust from 1899 says that the land was transferred to The Council and used for purposes of a public park or a pleasure ground for the people of Sandbach and for no other purpose. The deed allows the Council to let a proportion of the land to clubs/committees for tennis, bowling or other recreation club for a term not exceeding seven years.  The deed also goes on to state that the park is to be open to the public every day from 8am to an hour before sunset.

Records show the park was opened in 1901 and has been open to the public continuously throughout this period. 

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Recent improvements 

In 2011 the Park Steering Committee started its programme of improving the facilities within the park, with the installation of a junior play area, suitable for those up to the age of 15. The toddlers play area then followed within the sensory garden area along with new picnic tables to replace the old toddler equipment that was badly damaged by fire. 

A dedicated picnic area has been created, on the northern boundary of the park including a picnic bench to include wheelchair users.

In 2012 the existing tennis courts were up-dated with one court being re-fitted as a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) which provides five a side football, basketball and netball all year round. Additional picnic tables were also provided.  Adjacent to the MUGA an outdoor gym with five items of equipment for those aged 13 and over. 

The toilet block adjacent to the main entrance was subject to a complete refit in 2012 and now provides for disabled use as well as baby change facilities. 

In 2013 it was identified that footpath restoration and improvement was required. The first phase, in 2014, was to reduce the gradient from the access link at Adlington Drive through the park to the main town. Since which time there has been further works improving accessibility for all. 

Within the toddler play area a new sensory garden and border has been redesigned to attract bees, birds and butterflies, with bird feeders in place. 

2015 saw a new concrete table tennis table. The latest addition to the park is the new boules pitch located to the South East of the site near to the tennis courts. There is also a soccer goal post. 

The Wetland Habitat Area is a significant community project which commenced in  2013. Today this is an attractive pond area, which encourages a wide variety of different habitats for wildlife, with an attractive decked viewing platform for park visitors and pond dipping. 

In 2018 the Park has ‘housed’ its first ‘Insect Hotel’, so all are welcome!! 

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