Housing related support

Housing related support is available to support residents of Cheshire East at a time of need and to prevent them from falling into crisis.

It supports people with complex needs and can either help them to gain independence where this is achievable, or to receive a suitable service to support them to maintain accommodation and prevent homelessness. It provides support to some of the most vulnerable residents of our Borough, including both families and single people.

The types of support available

Floating support services can work with you wherever you are in Cheshire East. It is available whether you live in a private rented home, social housing or a home that you own. Services can also work with you if you are homeless so long as you can be contacted either directly or via a friend/relative.

Supported Housing provides accommodation-based support if you need somewhere to live either because you are homeless or at risk of homelessness and need some support to look for a new property or to help improve your tenancy management skills.  Support staff can provide advice and support with life skills and help you to access other services if needed. They will help you to learn how to live independently and support you to move on into your own housing.

The support offered can help people to:

  • set up and keep a home and/or tenancy
  • manage finances, get debt advice and apply for benefits
  • gain financial independence through access to education, training and employment
  • feel safe and secure in your accommodation
  • gain access to other services
  • establish social contacts and activities
  • improve their health and wellbeing

Who can access the services

Families and single people with multiple and interconnecting needs that affect their ability to access temporary accommodation and/or to live independently.

Eligibility for these services may include (but is not exclusive to): 

  • residents who have a local connection to Cheshire East (as defined by Cheshire East Housing Allocation Policy)
  • residents who are facing homelessness or will be at risk of homelessness within the next 28 days
  • residents whose lifestyle would put them in need of short term housing related support
  • residents who are unlikely to be able to sustain their independence without support

How we deliver housing related support services

The programme of housing related support services is commissioned by Cheshire East, the commissioned service providers have units available across the borough. They provide 154 units of accommodation and 155 units of floating support for some of our most vulnerable residents.

The design of the services is outcome focused, allowing families and single people the opportunity to access support at a time of need. This approach will ensure that those with complex needs will be supported into independence where this is achievable or will have a suitable service in place to support them to maintain accommodation and prevent homelessness.

The service providers are bringing exciting and innovative approaches to the programme of early intervention and prevention, which will provide significant value for money to the Local Authority, with a reduction in demand to front line services. 

For more information or to complete an application visit the Single Point of Access website.

Contact Housing options

Email: housingoptions@cheshireeast.gov.uk
Phone: 0300 123 5017

Page last reviewed: 27 February 2024