North West Crewe Package

The Scheme

The North West Crewe scheme aim to improve transport links in Crewe – easing congestion and improve access to Leighton Hospital, bringing opportunities for local businesses to expand and improving the access to new and existing housing developments.

To help with this process, we will be making a series of highways and junction improvements around Leighton. The highways scheme, known as the North West Crewe Package (NWCP) would include the construction of a new road linking Smithy Lane, Minshull New Road and Middlewich Road (A530).

It would include the realignment of Smithy Lane, Flowers Lane and improvement to other road junctions associated with the scheme. We also propose to close a section of Minshull New Road located outside of Leighton Academy to traffic.

Public Engagement

We carried out a consultation exercise between March and April 2018 to find out people’s views on the scheme.

We received 134 responses, with the most common feedback relating to the closure of Minshull New Road, along with general support for the scheme.

All feedback was analysed and where possible/feasible suggestions helped to inform the final design.


A planning application for the North West Crewe scheme was submitted to the Local Planning Authority in December 2018 and went before the Planning Committee in March 2019. A decision notice approving the scheme was received in July 2019, planning application details.

The Local Planning Authority resolved to approve outline applications from the housing developers at the Council’s Strategic Planning Board in November 2020.

The planning and delivery of the  NWCP and housing developer applications will be properly coordinated so that the majority of the improvements are delivered in advance of the planned housing at Leighton West.

The current programme for the highways scheme is that construction works could begin in 2021, with an estimated 100 weeks construction period. This is subject to final land agreements and funding approvals.

The updated programme is as a result of the finalisation of land agreements and the implementation of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) in order to acquire all outstanding land parcels required for the infrastructure works.

Statutory Orders

Following the Council’s making of statutory orders on 11 August 2020, the Secretary of State for Transport confirmed with modifications the following statutory orders on 30 April 2021:

  • The Cheshire East Council (North West Crewe Package) Compulsory Purchase Order 2020
  • The Cheshire East Council (A530 Middlewich Road Classified Road) (Side Roads) Order 2020
  • The Cheshire East Council (B5076 Flowers Lane Classified Road) (Side Roads) Order 2020
  • The Cheshire East Council (B5076 Flowers Lane Classified Road Fairfield Roundabout) (Side Roads) Order 2020

These orders are required in order to facilitate the construction of the North West Crewe Package highway scheme and start the formal process of obtaining powers to construct and improve the highway network, including using powers of compulsory purchase where necessary to acquire the necessary land as a matter of last resort.

A full description of the Orders and supporting documents can be found on the statutory order details page.

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