North West Crewe Package

On 11 August 2020, the Council formally sealed and dated the following statutory orders:

  •  The Cheshire East Council (North West Crewe Package) Compulsory Purchase Order 2020
  • The Cheshire East Council (A530 Middlewich Road Classified Road) (Side Roads) Order 2020
  • The Cheshire East Council (B5076 Flowers Lane Classified Road) (Side Roads) Order 2020
  • The Cheshire East Council (B5076 Flowers Lane Classified Road Fairfield Roundabout) (Side Roads) Order 2020

These orders are required in order to facilitate the construction of the North West Crewe Package highway scheme and start the formal process of obtaining powers to construct and improve the highway network, including using powers of compulsory purchase where necessary to acquire the necessary land as a matter of last resort.

If you want to inspect the documents

Copies of the Orders and of the plans may be inspected free of charge between the hours of 9:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:30 Monday to Friday, and from 9:30-13:00 on Saturdays at:

Crewe Library
Lifestyle Centre
Moss Square

Please note that these timings are subject to change due to Covid-19 safety restrictions and guidance and should be checked with Crewe Library before attending in person.  If you wish to view the documents but are not able to inspect them in person due to Covid-19 safety restrictions and guidance, they can be accessed below.

Compulsory Purchase Order Documents

  1. Sealed CPO (PDF, 21MB)
  2. Sealed CPO Map (PDF, 1.6MB)
  3. CPO Press Notice (PDF, 394KB)
  4. CPO Notice to Interested Parties (PDF, 464KB)

Side Roads Order Documents

  1. Sealed Middlewich Road SRO (PDF, 1.8MB)
  2. Sealed Middlewich Road SRO Plan (PDF, 1.6MB)
  3. Sealed Flowers Lane SRO (PDF, 820KB)
  4. Sealed Flowers Lane SRO Plan (PDF, 827KB)
  5. Sealed Fairfield Roundabout SRO (PDF, 1.1MB)
  6. Sealed Fairfield Roundabout SRO Plan (PDF, 676KB)
  7. Fairfield Roundabout Press Notice (PDF, 197KB)
  8. Flowers Lane Press Notice (PDF, 197KB)
  9. Middlewich Rd Press Notice (PDF, 197KB)
  10. SRO Notice of Making Fairfield Roundabout (PDF, 197KB)
  11. SRO Notice of Making Flowers Lane (PDF, 197KB)
  12. SRO Notice of Making Middlewich Road (PDF, 197KB)

Statement of Reasons

The Council has a Joint Statement of Reasons, which relates to the Compulsory Purchase Order and the three Side Roads Orders equally and explains the need for and reasoning behind the Orders.  This document and its appendices can be accessed below (please note that appendices 1-3 are the Orders and Order plans listed above and so are not repeated here again).

What happens next?

Copies of the statutory notice for the  CPO will be published in the Crewe Chronicle on 19 and 26  August 2020, as well as being put up on the  NWCP site and sent to the parties impacted by the scheme. Copies of the statutory notices for the Side Roads Orders will be published in the Crewe Chronicle and the London Gazette on 19  August 2020, as well as being put up on the  NWCP site and sent to the parties impacted by the Side Roads Order proposals.

The four Orders listed above will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Transport for confirmation on 20  August 2020.  Anyone who wishes to make representations about the Orders (or any one of them) may do so by contacting:

 The Secretary of State for Transport
National Transport Casework Team
Tyneside House
Skinnerburn Road
Newcastle Business Park
Newcastle upon Tyne

You should include the name of the Order or Orders that you are making representations in relation to, together with the nature of your objection.  All objections must be lodged with the Secretary of State by Friday 2 October 2020.  Objections received after this date may not be considered.

If objections are received, the Council will endeavour to resolve them where possible.  Where objections cannot be privately resolved, the Secretary of State may call a Public Inquiry to decide whether or not the Orders (or any number of them) should be confirmed.  Further details of this will be provided as necessary in due course.

Data Protection

In submitting an objection, it should be noted that your personal data and correspondence will be passed by the Secretary of State for Transport to the Council to enable your objection to be considered.  Where the Order becomes the subject of Public Inquiry procedures, all correspondence is copied to the Inspector conducting the Inquiry and will be kept in the Public Inquiry library, where it is publically available.  If you do not wish your personal data to be forwarded, please state your reasons when submitting your objection and the Secretary of State will copy your representations, with your name and address removed, to the Council and if there is a Public Local Inquiry, they will be seen by the Inspector who may give them less weight as a result.

I have land in the scheme – what do I do?

The Council wishes to continue to negotiate with landowning parties and those with an interest in the site to try to acquire the land necessary for the scheme by agreement where possible, and will only seek to use compulsory purchase powers as a matter of last resort.  Any parties impacted by the scheme should have already been contacted by the Council’s appointed land agent, Sanderson Weatherall, and will have had a pack of documents served on them.  These documents will detail next steps to be taken and relevant contacts to discuss the scheme.

Any queries regarding the scheme should be addressed to:

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