Active Travel - walking and cycling

“The government expects local authorities to make significant changes to their road layouts to give more space to cyclists and pedestrians. Such changes will help embed altered behaviours and demonstrate the positive effects of active travel. I’m pleased to see that many authorities have already begun to do this, and I urge you all to consider how you can begin to make use of the tools in this guidance, to make sure you do what is necessary to ensure transport networks support recovery from the COVID-19 emergency and provide a lasting legacy of greener, safer transport.”

Grant Shapps - Secretary of State for Transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) released an Emergency Active Travel Grant to all local authorities, to facilitate Active Travel by improving walking and cycling facilities and making them safer and easier to access.  Cheshire East Council applied and received a total of £743,000 towards the implementation of Active Travel schemes within the borough.

The funding is available in 2 tranches:

Tranche 1 (Summer 2020) supported the installation of temporary projects for the COVID-19 pandemic;

Tranche 2 (Summer 2021) supports the creation of more permanent Active Travel projects.

The consultation on the Tranche 2 schemes and the update to the Tranche 1 scheme proposed in Sandbach is now closed.

Your feedback on the schemes is being collated and analysed and will be made available on the councils Active Travel webpage. A consultation report will be produced on the Tranche 2 schemes which will help to inform how the Department of Transport funding can be best spent within Cheshire East.

Tranche 2 Consultation

Cheshire East Council secured £588,000 of DfT funding in the second Tranche of the Active Travel grant. The grant will be used in conjunction with additional funding currently being sought to implement permanent walking and cycling infrastructure schemes. The proposed schemes were assessed against the council’s key objectives:

  • The quality of walking and cycling infrastructure that would be provided;
  • Benefits and the impact on levels of people walking and cycling;
  • Providing an alternative to public transport;
  • Whether the scheme can be delivered within the timescales required by DfT;
  • Likely acceptability to stakeholders (subject to feedback received as part of the planned engagement activities);
  • Estimated scheme costs; and
  • Value for money

Five schemes were consulted on

  • West Street, Antrobus Street and Mill Street (Congleton)
  • Vernon Way and Market Street (Crewe)
  • Black Lane and Hurdsfield Road (Macclesfield)
  • Manchester Road (Tytherington)
  • Manchester Road (Wilmslow and Handforth)

The following schemes are being considered through alternative programmes of work:

  • London Road (Alderley Edge) – initial investigations have found that there is insufficient width of the highway to include a consistent cycle lane into Alderley Edge. As a result, the scope for further improvements for this corridor, and any potential alternatives, are being investigated as part of the Wilmslow area Local Transport Delivery Plan.
  • Edleston Road (Crewe) – initial investigations have confirmed a complex interaction with options to review traffic routing in Crewe. Further technical work is required to confirm feasibility and develop design options, which will be taken forward in consultation with the Crewe Town Board.
  • Knutsford Revolution Cycle Route – improved crossing points of the A50 are being considered as part of Council’s capital works programme.
  • High Street (Sandbach) – informal consultation with ward Councillors and the Town Council have confirmed this scheme will be considered further as part of the Sandbach Local Transport Delivery Plan.
  • St Ann’s Road, Middlewich – this scheme is to be considered further as part of the Sustainable Modes of Travel to School programme.

To view full details visit Cheshire East active travel

Tranche 1 Consultation

Eight new schemes will come into effect in August 2020 as a first phase to improve routes to schools and workplaces, boost social distancing, encourage walking and cycling and improve our town centre environments. Measures will also help to reserve capacity on public transport for those who really need it and should help to reduce congestion. Further schemes will be developed in further phases, following pledged government funding of £619,000.

The move follows recent submissions by town and parish councils and local members of more than 500 local ideas as to what measures may work in their towns and villages.

The first eight active travel schemes, totalling investment of £155,000, will be located at:

  • Coronation Street, Crewe
  • Crewe town centre
  • Congleton town centre
  • Macclesfield town centre
  • Ivy Road, Macclesfield
  • Hawthorn Lane, Wilmslow
  • Old Middlewich Road, Sandbach
  • Lodge Road, Alsager

Following feedback received the scheme for Ladies Mile, Knutsford,  has been withdrawn

Tranche 1 schemes


Old Middlewich Road, Sandbach – 20mph zone and parking suspension;

This will create a cycle contraflow to improve cycle access to town centre. Enforcement of double yellow lines at the far western extent of Old Middlewich Road will be reviewed to improve compliance.

20 mph speed limits will create calmer streets in the vicinity of schools and the town centre and improves the local environment for residents.

Following feedback on the Old Middlewich Road measure we propose to reduce the width of the cycle lane to allow cycling southbound only in the segregated area, allow northbound vehicles and cyclists on the road and restore the time limited parking bays on the northbound side. We will also take the opportunity to reduce the number of bollards making up the cycle lane.

Additionally, we propose to return the speed limit on the A533 to 30mph, reduce the 20mph area to south of the commons roundabout on Congleton Road and from Offley Road.

Sandbach area plans

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Coronation Street, Crewe, near Sir William Stanier School – 20mph zone.

Scheme updated 22 September 2020

Following feedback from the initial proposed scheme, amendments have been made.

The proposed point closure on Coronation Street has been replaced with a build out which will reduce the carriageway width, encouraging a reduction in vehicle speeds and traffic using this route as a through route. The build out will also improve existing crossing facilities and help to address concerns that have been raised regarding road safety.

The layby directly outside the school will be reduced in length to provide more space and a safer crossing point for children accessing the school.

The 20mph zone remains unchanged from the original proposal.

Crewe area plan

  • Coronation Street, Crewe - Buildout and 20mph plan (PDF, 2.7MB)

Crewe town centre – improved access for cycles

This will provide North - South and East - West linkages for cyclists which are currently problematic. There will also be improved access to the town centre from the UTC.

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Congleton town centre – improved access for cycles

This will provide an east-west link that is currently severed and improve connectivity with the town centre.

Congleton area plan

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Macclesfield town centre – improved access for cycles

This will provide North - South and East - West linkages for cyclists which are currently problematic and improves connectivity with the railway station.

Ivy Road, Macclesfield – 20mph zone and improved safety  near the school

Scheme updated 22 February 2020

We have removed the point closure on Ivy Road, close to St John the Evangelist School. The bus stop layby outside the school will be shortened with the existing bus stop retained. This will provide a better and safer crossing point for children accessing the school and helps to address some of the road safety concerns that have been raised in the initial phase of consultation.

The 20mph zone covers:

  • Ivy Road
  • Chiltern Avenue and all roads leading off Chiltern Avenue
  • Dawson Road
  • Ivy Meade Road
  • Sherbourne Road
  • Bransdale Way
  • Earlsway to its junction with Somerton Road
  • Countess Road
  • Wilwick Lane
  • Pembroke Road
  • Lumley Road
  • Clifford Road and roads leading off Clifford Road
  • Palmerston Road
  • Park Brook Road
  • Arlington Drive

Macclesfield Area plans

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Hawthorn Lane, and Broad Walk, Wilmslow – 20mph zone and speed management measures

Scheme updated 22/9/20

Following feedback from the initial proposed scheme, amendments have been made.

The proposed point closure on Hawthorn Lane has been replaced with two short buildouts on Hawthorn Lane and Broad Walk. This will retain two-way access, however vehicles will need to give way to opposing traffic. These will reduce the carriageway width, encouraging a reduction in vehicle speeds and through traffic and helping to address concerns that have been raised regarding road safety.

A 20mph zone is proposed for:

  • Hawthorn Lane from its junction at Kennedy's Lane toward Pownall Park
  • Carrwood Road
  • Pownall Road
  • Broad Walk
  • Alton Road
  • Gorsey Road
  • King's Road
  • Priory Road
  • Friar's Close Manor Road & Manor Close
  • Vale Road
  • Woodlands Road

Wilmslow area plan

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Ladies Mile, Knutsford – Update 20 August 2020 - scheme withdrawn


Lodge Road, Alsager – through traffic restricted to cyclists and pedestrians

Builds out effective footway for children accessing the school and improves safety where there is currently narrow footways and poor forward visibility.

Alsager area plan

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