Cycling in Cheshire East

Cheshire East is perfect for cycling, not too flat, not too hilly, with market towns and some very picturesque countryside in between. The Travel Cheshire website will help you to find what you're looking for.


Cycle routes

In Cheshire East there are:

  • 600km cycle routes

Where to cycle cyclists Riding

Advice and training

Cycling strategy, policies, champion and projects

Local Transport Strategy

Our policy for cycling as a mode of active travel is covered by the Cheshire East Local Transport Plan (LTP). This is currently under review to reflect changes and opportunities within the Borough, with consultation with the public, stakeholders and elected members expected early in 2018.

The new LTP will set out the Council’s ambitious transport strategy to guide investment in the transport network in the period 2018-2023.

The LTP is supported by a number of other strategies that have been recently developed or are under development. They include the ‘Cycling Strategy’, a ‘Sustainable Modes of Transport to School’ strategy and a ‘Compulsory School Age Education Travel Policy.

Rights of Way Improvement Plan

With the same policies and objectives as the Local Transport Plan, the Rights of Way Improvement Plan also sets out our policy for cycling for leisure purposes. 

The current ROWIP covers until 2026 and is delivered through four-yearly implementation plans. Once the new LTP is approved, the implementation plan will be reviewed and updated as required.

Cycling champion

Frank Jordan, Executive Director of Place, is our cycling champion for Cheshire East and is an advocate for cycling and cyclists throughout the borough.

Cycling strategy

On 14 March 2017, we adopted our cycling strategy (PDF, 2MB) which sets out an ambitious vision for a network of high quality strategic cycle routes which connect local communities and key growth areas whilst also giving access to leisure opportunities and the natural environment of Cheshire East. The executive summary (PDF, 5MB) outlines the headlines of the cycling strategy.

A key action of the Cycling Strategy is the implementation of a cycle proofing toolkit to ensure that new development schemes take cycling into consideration as part of the design and planning process. We are working to train officers to ensure this happens.

We have also been successful in a bid to receive technical support in early 2018 from the Department for Transport to help in the production of Local Cycling and Walking Investment Plans (LCWIPs) for some of our local towns. In our Cycling Strategy, we have called these Town Cycling Plans.

Completed projects

Cheshire East Council works with its partners to deliver cycling projects around the borough. Here are a few examples of recent work:

Bridleway signCycle storage shelter
  • delivery of Transition Fund “access to employment and skills through active travel” project in Crewe
  • footpath Nos.3 and 36 Cycle Track Order, Crewe: proposed conversion of public footpath to cycle track for use by pedestrians and cyclists between Hungerford Road and Sydney Road
  • installation of cycle parking in Crewe, Alsager and Nantwich town centres
  • Leighton Greenway, Crewe: continuing the Leighton Greenway to extend to Leighton Hospital
  • Congleton: work to further improve accessibility between the town centre and the railway station and install Advanced Stop Lines (ASLs) at Lawton Road and Park Lane junction
  • Macclesfield: improvements to National Cycle Network No. 55 linking with the railway station
  • Hind Heath Road, Sandbach: completion of cycle route linking to Ettiley Heath and the Wheelock Rail Trail
  • installation of cyclist counters to gather data on cycle usage. This will support future projects and help to monitor changes in numbers of people cycling
  • young people training: Learn to Ride and Bikeability levels 1-3 training delivered across all Cheshire East schools, with 1,693 young people trained at level 1, there were 3,711 young people trained at level 2 and 208 trained at level 3 in 2016/2017
  • adult training: delivered across bike maintenance, commuter confidence/ learn to ride, cycle ride leader qualification training

Ongoing and proposed future cycling projects

Working with partners, the following is an example of an ongoing project, subject to funding, consultation and feasibility:

  • A538 Altrincham Road, Wilmslow: completion of the final stage of cycle facilities along the A538 to create a route between Wilmslow and Manchester Airport.

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