Flood recovery - damaged roads

Cheshire East experienced periods of intense rainfall in the north of the borough at the end of July and in the south at the end of October 2019. The two flooding events had a significant impact on some of Cheshire East’s roads.

Recovery process

Our assessment of the damage meant that the recovery works ranged from whole scale reconstruction of parts of the highways network, to more minor damage repairs and clear up operations. Gully emptying, jetting and road sweeping is ongoing in affected areas. Flood recovery work from a Lead Local Flood Authority involves multi-agency working with organisations such as United Utilities and the Environment Agency. 

During the recovery phase, a number of larger schemes have been identified and involved replacement retaining walls, embankment stabilisation and structural repair.

Bridges, Structures and Carriageways repaired:

  • Wards End Bridge, Dickens Lane, Moggie Lane – Poynton
  • Townfields, B5470 Macclesfield Road, Kettleshulme
  • Priest Lane, Kettleshulme
  • Higher Lane, Kettleshulme
  • Hooleyhey Lane, Rainow
  • Love Lane, Betchton
  • Ingersley Road, Bollington
  • Bolshaws, B5470, Rainow