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Flood recovery - damaged roads

Cheshire East experienced periods of intense rainfall in the north of the borough at the end of July and in the south at the end of October. The two flooding events had a significant impact on some of Cheshire East’s roads and we are continuing to undertake flood recovery work. 

We are undertaking repair works and addressing issues on a priority basis. We are committed to ensuring that Cheshire East's highways network remains safe and serviceable as we repair the affected areas through our flood recovery works.

While we progress with emergency work and large scale reconstruction schemes, the unanticipated flooding has impacted on timings for other highways activities and programmed work. Updates to programmes will be available on the road repair and improvement programme page.

Recovery process

Our assessment of the damage means that the recovery works will range from whole scale reconstruction of parts of the highways network, to more minor damage repairs and clear up operations. Gully emptying, jetting and road sweeping is ongoing in affected areas. Flood recovery work from a Lead Local Flood Authority involves multi-agency working with organisations such as United Utilities and the Environment Agency. 

Gully emptying

A revised programme of gully emptying is ongoing to empty and jet gullies in affected flooded areas.

We have now finalised our additional programme of gully emptying in the north and have emptied 8,690 gullies. Further work is in progress to address issues identified following this programme of gully emptying.

An additional programme is now in place and began week commencing 18 November in the south of the borough. The routine gully programme in the north and the south continues as normal.

Completed and ongoing work

completed and ongoing work
LocationWorks informationDate completed
Well Lane Hurdsfield Drainage repair work 4/11/2019
A34 Alderley edge Bypass Environmental assessment continues to understand ecology Ongoing
London Road South, Poynton Drainage investigations to determine repair work required 15/11/2019
London Road North, Glastonbury Drive, Vicarage lane Poynton Drainage investigations, temporary traffic signals in place Ongoing
Gleave Avenue Bollington Drainage repairs Ongoing
A555 handforth CCTV drainage investigations, lane closures in place Ongoing
Macclesfield Road Kettleshulme Drainage improvement work Ongoing

Current completed, ongoing and planned works (PDF, 214KB) further locations will be added once assessed.

Structural damage and reconstruction

During the recovery phase, a number of larger schemes have been identified and due to the complexity of the work, the following schemes are likely to have significant and prolonged disruption. They will involve replacement retaining walls, embankment stabilisation and structural repair.

Wards End Bridge, Dickens Lane, Moggie Lane – Poynton Long term road closure due to extensive damage to adjacent retaining wall

Collapsed road at Wards End Bridge in Poynton, July 2019

Due to the poor conditions of the ground underneath the failed section of retaining wall, Geotechnical Investigations were required to ensure that the rebuild was to the right specification. The Geotechnical Investigations were not completed until the end of January due to United Utilities works to move the water main. The Geotechnical Investigations report from was received at the end of February and last week our engineer completed the design for the new wall and foundations. We are planning to commence the rebuild on Monday 16 March which is anticipated to take 5 weeks (mid April).

Whilst awaiting the Geotechnical Investigations report back from the geotechnical company work was commenced on drainage investigations in front of the cottages adjacent to the failed structure, this is to repair, replace and enhance, where necessary.  Numerous drainage issues have been identified and work is being undertaken resolve these issues and to improve the flow. It is not anticipated that these drainage works will delay the overall scheme completion at Wards End.

Ingersley Road - Bollington

The watercourse that runs under Ingersley Road Culvert, Bollington became obstructed during the flooding which resulted in a build up of a large volume of water. Consequently the pressure built up to such an extent that the force of the water demolished the culvert and the surrounding road infrastructure. 

The repairs to Ingersley Road Culvert have now been completed and the road has now been reopened.

Ingersley Road 1  Ingersley Road 2

Further repairs

The flooding event has caused areas of damage resulting in the following road closures due to blocked drains, collapsed walls, carriageway edge failures, drainage assets and general essential maintenance. A programme for future extensive repairs will be considered during the assessment process

Priest Lane, Kettleshulme – flood damage to the carriageway

Following flood damage to the carriageway, drainage and road surface repair work have taken place and the road has now been reopened. The below image shows the completed repair work.

Priest Lane work

Upcoming flood repairs

The following roads currently have temporary traffic signals on for the safety of road users. The repair of which has been programmed. These are:

  • Higher Lane, Kettleshulme  - The carriageway and the supporting embankment have both been damaged during the floods of 2019, the repair has been programmed to start on 16 March 2020 with a total road closure and is anticipated to take 5 weeks.

Higher Lane 2

  • Bolshaws, B5470, Rainow – This section requires lights as flooding damaged the embankment supporting the carriageway, and it is unsafe for vehicles to pass over or near. The repair will require a total road closure and  as the location of the damaged section is on the diversion route of Higher Lane, Kettleshulme, the repair will follow this scheme.

Townfields 2

  • Townfields, B5470 Macclesfield Road, Kettleshulme – The damage to this section is similar to Bolshaws, whereby the carriageway has been undermined by the flooding and is unsafe for vehicles to drive over or near and is placed under temporary traffic lights. The repair will take place with a road closure and as this is on the same stretch of road as Bolshaws, it will need to follow Bolshaws’ closure.

Townfields 3

The following schemes were repaired towards the end of 2019.

  • Hooleyhey Lane, Rainow – This scheme has been repaired and the road now fully open.

Hooleyhey Road 1Hooleyhey Lane 2

  • Love Lane, Betchton – This section of road has been repaired and the road is now fully open.

 Hooleyhey Lane 3Hooleyhey 4

For more information and diversion routes visit roadworks live.

Additional flood recovery information

  • A number of road closures have been necessary to protect the safety of both members of the public and our workforce whilst we complete the repairs
  • Some of our recovery works are long term, and we aim to keep members of the public informed of our progress as we work through this long term programme
  • The flood events were sudden which means the recovery works were unanticipated on our already busy road network. We are coordinating the required works with all other roadworks required across the borough
  • Where road closures are in place, diversion routes are signed to assist in the movement of traffic while works progress
  • Local businesses remain open as usual
  • In most cases, pedestrians and vehicles will be directed around our works, with access to shops and restaurants maintained where it is safe to do so
  • Where we are making these repairs, we will be looking at future proofing and (where possible) implementing measures that reduce the risk of flooding in future
For more information see our pages on roadworks or flooding