Flood recovery - damaged roads

Cheshire East has experienced a number of prolonged periods of heavy rainfall and various storm events over recent months. These have had significant impacts on some of Cheshire East’s roads.

Recovery process

We continue to work closely with town and parish councils, ward members, the Environment Agency and emergency services as part of our established flood risk management strategy. Where groundwater levels are high, large areas of land remain saturated until the water subsides naturally.

In some areas, local surface water flooding can be expected during extreme weather events and it is increasingly important that Communities take appropriate action when river alerts are issued by the Environment Agency. Our assessments of any damage caused to the highway network in flood and adverse weather events means that recovery work can range from whole scale reconstruction of parts of the highways, to more minor damage repairs and clear up operations (additional gully emptying, jetting and road sweeping etc), where required.


Our priority remains to keep the highway network safe. Gullies are designed to provide drainage to the highway surface and the systems they drain into are not designed to cope with intense weather events. In most cases, they discharge into publicly owned sewer systems or privately owned ditches, ponds and rivers. In times of extreme weather, these discharge points are overwhelmed and in turn prevent the discharge of water from the drains. They can also become capped over by detritus and this can reduce the effectiveness of the drains

Page last reviewed: 20 April 2021