Road repair and improvement programme 2023-2024

We identify and prioritise what maintenance, repair and improvement work to do each year. We do this by using our highways asset management approach.

Funding summary

Highways funding is split into two areas - revenue and capital. Revenue comes from the Council Tax and is used for day to day maintenance activities. Capital funding is provided by central government grants and the councils own investment and delivers improvements to the road network.

For the 2023-2024 financial year, the highways revenue budget is £10.562 million, and the capital budget is £21.351 million, as presented to the Highways and Transport Committee on 2 March 2023.

The Works Programmed for 2023-2024

As we continue to develop how we share information on our programme of works you can view the programme for this financial year by map or by the list of planned works below it, which are in alphabetical order. The programme is accessible on various devices. You can search for your road name or ward by using the map features and selecting the area you want to see or by scrolling using a keyboard of the programmes listed in the table.

The works programme shows planned capital level 2 and level 3 works and may be subject to change. We will update the progress of the works in the programme every month. We do also have routine works (level 1) and emergency works, which are not displayed on this map. 

How we prioritise the locations for the work

The list of work is put together using a scored approach, with scoring being informed by defined criteria including condition, customer reports and engineering knowledge. This ensures that our works are prioritised where they are most needed.

We may have identified your road for improvement works but it doesn’t always mean it will be in this year’s programme of works. It is likely that it will be included for repair works over the longer term. This is because there is only a limited budget available, so we prioritise the works on roads where they are most needed using a scored approach. Our programmes sometimes change if more funding becomes available.

You can view the individual asset programmes and the scoring method for each in more detail here:

For more information on how we make repairs and improvements, see road condition and repairs.

For information on what happens when we close a road, see how we manage road closures and diversions.

To report road and pavement issues online, see Report a pothole or other road condition issue

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