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Between 3 February 2014 and 5pm on the 14 March 2014 Cheshire East Council consulted on proposals for a street works permit scheme. Please see below for the responses:

Consultation documents

Proposal of the scheme

At the moment, if a Utility company wants to do work on the roads in Cheshire East, they are legally required to notify Cheshire East Council of this work. Under a permit scheme, the utility companies will have to apply for permission to access the road before they start the work (apart from emergency work, where they have to apply for a permit within 2 hours). Cheshire East Council will then either grant, refuse or tailor the permit application.

Attached to the permit will be a list of specific conditions. These conditions will be jointly agreed with the utility companies, and will be used in instances where they will tailor the permit works to benefit the highway users.

Cheshire East Council believe that a permit scheme will be of benefit to Cheshire East, because we will be able to work with the utility companies to make sure that the work is done in a way that is best for the Cheshire East community.

Under the Traffic Management Act 2004 Part 3 a highway authority can apply to the Department for Transport for permission to introduce a permit scheme to manage road works. As part of the process before a submission is made an authority must publically consult on the scheme. Cheshire East Council is preparing to join the West and Shires Permit Scheme (WaSP Scheme).

This is a scheme in the form of a “common” permit scheme, whereby authorities are able individually to adopt the same set of rules. In simple terms, it is a permit scheme which will require permits to be obtained for most road and street works, whether they are undertaken by or on behalf of utility companies or highway authorities themselves.

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