Controls in Conservation Areas

In addition to controls over development which apply universally the following controls apply in conservation areas:

Government Advice relating to controls within Conservation Areas.

In some conservation areas an Article 4 Direction is in force. This means that an application has to be made to the Local Planning Authority for relatively minor changes to the external appearance of the buildings.

Demolition of buildings

Demolition (total or partial) of any building exceeding 115 metre3 requires planning permission.But, the total demolition of any buildings in residential use, any buildings attached to that, or any buildings exceeding 50 metre2 requires prior approval by the local planning authority unless already needing Scheduled Monument, Listed Building or planning permission due to Conservation Area status.

Demolition of walls

Demolition of any wall exceeding 1 metre in height (if abutting a highway or public open space) or 2 metre in height elsewhere requires Conservation Area Consent.

Works to trees

Trees in conservation areas are protected. If you want to work on a tree in a conservation area you must normally give us 6 weeks notice.

Domestic extensions

Subject to their location and size, single storey extensions are permitted to the rear of dwellings only.

See the Planning Portal for more information on common projects and the rules that apply. 

Not applicable to commercial buildings, or flats or maisonettes.

Curtilage buildings

Subject to their location and size, curtilage buildings are permitted to the rear of a dwelling only.

See the Planning Portal for more information on common projects and the rules that apply. 


All dormers require planning permission.

Satellite dishes

Satellite dishes on chimneys, front walls or on front roof slopes require planning permission.

More than half a million buildings in the UK appear on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. Planning permission from the local planning authority may be required to install Sky in a listed building or within a conservation area, and any alterations may be subject to special conditions (such as the use of certain materials). Please confirm that permission has been granted before arranging your Sky installation.

External cladding

External cladding of a dwelling with stone, artificial stone, pebble dash, render, timber, plastic or tiles requires planning permission.

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