Council Tax evidence and document upload

Occasionally you may be asked to supply some evidence to the Council Tax team.

This may be to supplement your application for a reduction from Council Tax such as:

  • A student certificate
  • A signed declaration from a GP or medical practitioner
  • Evidence of Benefits entitlement
  • Bank Statements, Payslips or a Financial Statement

Or, to confirm the status of a property or support a dispute or complaint such as:

  • A tenancy agreement
  • Photographs

When you fill in a Council Tax reduction application form we will tell you what supporting evidence we need from you. You can attach photos or scanned images of original documents via the form below:

Upload Council Tax evidence

We accept the following file types:

  • pdf, doc, docx
  • jpeg, jpg, jpe 
  • bmp, gif, tiff, tif, png

If you can’t upload a document you can bring the original (not a photocopy) to our Customer Service Centres in Macclesfield or Crewe or to one of our libraries.  We will scan it and give it back to you. Due to COVID19 and staff restrictions/ social distancing rules please contact your local library to make an appointment to get assistance.  You can post documents to us.

For information on centre opening times, locations and contact details, see our contact page.

Authority to disclose information

If someone else is helping you sort out your Council Tax, you can give us permission to talk to them by signing our authority to disclose form:

Authority to disclose

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Page last reviewed: 17 November 2021