Councillor conduct - Member Code of Conduct

The Localism Act 2011 requires all local authorities to adopt a code of conduct setting out the standards of behaviour expected from local councillors.

Cheshire East Council adopted the Code of conduct for members (PDF, 263KB) as part of the Constitution (page 305) which came into force on 1 January 2018.

The Council’s Audit and Governance Committee is responsible for considering any complaints that a councillor elected in the Cheshire East area may have breached the relevant Code of Conduct.

Each Town and Parish Council must adopt a code of conduct. It may not be exactly the same as the Cheshire East Council code. Contact your parish clerk to view the code of conduct for your Town and Parish area. 

Councillors declaration of interest

All members of the Council are required by law to complete a declaration of interest form to register their interests.

Amongst other things these include:

  • details of any employment or business carried out by them
  • the name of their employer
  • membership of outside bodies
  • details of any significant shareholdings
  • contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council
  • interests in land in the area
  • gifts and hospitality

The declaration of interest of every member can be viewed online by opening the web page for each individual Councillor.  List of Councillors

The full Register is maintained by the Monitoring Officer and is available for inspection by appointment at Westfields during normal office hours, Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm (except public holidays).

Making a complaint about the conduct of a councillor (member)

To complain that a Councillor or co-opted Member of Cheshire East Council or a Town or Parish Councillor in the Cheshire East area may have failed to comply with the relevant Code of Conduct complete the Code of conduct complaints form (MS Word, 165KB) 

and send it to: (preferred)


The Monitoring Officer
Cheshire East Council
C/O Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

The matter will be considered by the Council’s monitoring officer in consultation with an independent person. The monitoring officer can only deal with complaints about the behaviour of a Councillor. You must set out why you believe the Councillor has not followed the relevant Code of Conduct and which sections of the Code you feel have been breached.

Page last reviewed: 25 October 2021